10 Beauty Make up Tips for Your Eyes

By | April 9, 2016
Beauty eye makeup

Eyes have strong impact to give the first impression for your beauty make up. They also take an important role when you are reluctant to do the whole makeup; when you have gorgeous eye makeup, the rest makeup is not important. Yet, the eye makeup is the hardest part. Women find problems in getting the perfect eye shadow mixture, brow shaping method, eyeliner shaping and mascara wand. In this article you will find the best 10 beauty eye makeup for you, but before you start the eye makeup, apply eye cream onto your lids and under the eyes which will make the process go on smoother.

Beauty eye makeup

Beauty eye makeup (Images: Pixabay)

  1. For applying eye shadow, press the color you want into your eyelid with your finger or brush. And avoid swiping it. Put some clean brush in your purse, in case you need to touch up your makeup.
  2. Apply black liner around your eye including the water line to make an outstanding eye color. If it is hard to use a soft eyeliner pencil, you may draw a thick line on your hand, then use an eye brush to pick up the pigment and apply it onto your eye.
  3. To make your eyes look brighter and bigger, you can use a flesh colored liner on the water rim of your lower lash line.
  4. For covering up your puffy eyes, you can use a dark shade concealer. It also will hide your eye bags.
  5. For more dramatic effect, use the darker color of the eye shadow to the crease. Also, use a small triangle of color at the outside corner. You can also apply dark eye shadows with a thin, damp brush on the lower or upper lash line for a defined eye that lasts longer. If you want, you can extend your eye shadow well above the crease.
  6. For smoky eye look, you can combine lots of dark eye shadow, smudging and a little bit shimmer. If you want to blend more, swipe the same color you use on your eye lids onto the bottom lash line. Don’t forget to keep the rest of makeup soft for balancing the smoky eye look.
  7. Every three months, change your mascara, so you will get the best result. Apply mascara with lightening mascara than a volumizing one if you wear glasses. Move the brush slightly up when you apply mascara, then turn it outward to separate the lashes fully. You can also use a metal-toothed lash comb to help the clumped lashes separated.
  8. Before filling in your brows, make tiny hair-like mark using the brow pencil. It will get you a realistic look. You can use a stencil to help shape them if you want more defined look.
  9. Extend the tail end when you ‘draw’ your brows with pencil. Make sure you make the same level as where the brow starts.
  10. The last thing you need to do after applying your eye makeup is dabbing dots of highlighter along the brow and around your eyes. Then, blend in to make the whole eye area brighten.
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It is a bit hard and need more patience to have beauty eye makeup, but when you enjoy it you will see the magic of it!

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