11 Benefits of soda water

By | December 4, 2017
Benefits of soda water

Soda water, known as the freshness that is able to immediately remove the thirst you feel. However, behind the freshness and its function as an eraser thirst, turns out soda water, also has many other benefits that are not unexpected.  Here are 11 benefits of soda water to ease your life.

11 Benefits of soda water

  • Soda water as car glass cleaner..

Soda water is very powerful for cleaning various stains and dirt on the windshield of your car because of its carbon content. Simply spray soda water on the windshield and then flush with glass cleaner, wipe your car will look clear without stain.

  • Soda water as mineral injections for the plants.
Benefits of soda water

Benefits of soda water

Apparently not just humans who like to be the freshness of carbonated beverages, but also plants. The mineral content in soda water can help grow more lush greenery. You can pour soda water on the plant once a week.

  • Soda water as cleaner of stains on the fabric.

Soda water is a powerful cleaner for stains on the fabric. If the clothes are stained, you can immediately pour the soda water to remove stains. If the type of the fabric stained is hard, add it with a cork and rinse it with water.

  • Soda water as a non-stick wok cleaner.

A sticky wok that was late cleaned after cooking will leave the crust and stains that are difficult to clean. Rub the pan with hard will only damage the nonstick coating.. To overcome this problem, you can pour soda water in a dirty skillet and lets a few moments until the crust is raised. Then you can rub it gently until all of the crust and the stain no longer sticks to the skillet, then rinse with running water.

  • Soda water as precious stones cleanser.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds can be cleaned by using a soda water. For the display of glistening, soak your precious stones in the soda water during the night.

  • Soda water to restore natural hair color.

If you have a less sparkling black hair, you can wash with soda water to restore the natural sparkle of your black hair.

  • Soda water to relieve abdominal bloating or nausea.

When you are eating too much, or eat something that isn’t supposed to be eaten, or when you’re the flu, stomach feels bloated and nauseous. Soda water can help relieve a bad taste in your stomach.

  • Soda water as metal furniture cleaner.

Soda water can be used as a cleanser of metal furniture in your home, such as the top of the stove, sink, tap water, and so on. For more effective cleansing, mix a little salt in soda water, and rinse with clean water afterwards.

  • Soda water as a cleaning rust.

Soda water can eliminate rust on the metal rusting equipment, such as nut-bolt, wrench, screwdriver, lock, key, or the like. Soak the rusted tool in soda water to rust away, or you can brush it to speed up the process.

  • Soda water as urine stain cleaner.

You are having a baby or pet is certainly often felt frustrated with urine stains left on the carpet, sofa or futon. Soda water may be a solution to this problem. As well as cleaning the stain on fabric, soda water can also clean the urine stains on the furniture.

  • Soda water to cookie dough.

You can mix soda water on cookie dough to get the results more fluffy and soft.

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