4 Exercises for people suffering joint pain

By | October 21, 2017
Warm up exercises for joint pain

There are specific activities, which should become a part of your daily routine. They minimize the risk of many harmful diseases. They not only help us in staying healthy, but also keeps us physically and mentally fit and stable.  For the proper functioning of some parts of our body, precise movements are required. Exercise is essential at every age. If you do regular exercise daily, then it will protect you from many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, cholesterol, knee, and joint pain. Pain is one of the most common words in this new era. Nowadays everybody is infected with a disease, which causes a person to have pain. Similarly, joint pain is even suffered by many people. Joint pain usually occurs in our shoulders, our knees or our ankle, causing that particular region to hurt. This pain often occurs due to the decrease in calcium in our bones. Calcium in our bones is reduces by the regular use of soft drinks. Fizzy drinks are carbonated which makes them fizz. This carbonate is when inhaled by a human body, it reaches the calcium in our bones and to get neutralized it reacts with it forming calcium carbonate. This reaction causes us to lose calcium from our bones. Later our bones become calcium deficient resulting in joint pain. Though the usage of soft drinks can’t be stopped, it can decrease. With less using of drinks and better exercise, we can overcome our joint pain. Exercise is a significant activity which helps us be healthier and disease free. Similarly, it even helps us to get rid of our suffering. There are four essential exercises to be done regularly to remove the joint pain. They are as follows:

1- Warm-up

Warm up exercises for joint pain

Exercises for joint pain

It is one of the most straightforward activities. It helps you in staying fit. Before performing any exercise, you must go to warm up. Warm up is done to make your body stiff enough to carry out any activity. Easy tasks according to the body’s strength and capacity are performed in it. It is done to get the body used to do physical activity. Warm up helps us with better circulation in our body. This practice is the initial step to get the exercise done with ease. Warm up is necessary because exercise is a hard practice to do, it makes us ready enough to perform an activity afterward with better comfort and can get performed for more time. It helps in maintaining the stamina and makes you feel light, fresh, young, and healthy. It also aids in the digestion. The warm-up should be done throughout your body so that you can feel warmth in your entire body.

2- Try to apply force after you find your breaking point

The breaking point is the source infected by weakness, and the pain, mostly occurs due to this point. Firstly, you must see your breaking point. To get to your breaking point, you must perform some exercise and randomly move the joint which causes pain. You must perform a hard massage upon that point. When the pain exceeds the level, then you may realize it’s the breaking point. Though it would be tough to bare more force upon that point if you can get into discomfort it will be very beneficial.

3- Perform yoga

Yoga exercises for joint pain

Yoga is the best activity for mobilizing your joints. Performing yoga can cause trouble, but within days it would remove your joint pain. It is the most familiar and straightforward exercise performed by everyone especially older adults. It helps them to reduce the swelling in joints. It improves cardiovascular health. Along with that helps in releasing stress and keeps you calm and relaxed.  Yoga helps in increasing the joint mobility and strength. It helps in digesting and in keeping your body balanced. It keeps your mind fresh and tension free.

4- Regular use of inversion table.

Best Inversion Table

Pain in the sacroiliac joints is very common. It is the point where your spine meets your pelvis. You have pain in this part as it supports the entire weight of your upper body while standing, walking or doing any other task. In such circumstances, you need something that can help you overcome this problem.  An inversion table is the best option for you. This machine is a gym material which will help you get much stronger bones. It is a non-drug treatment and is very useful. The best inversion table causes random motion which causes the joints to get mobilized.

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