5 Beauty Skin Tips for Daily

By | April 18, 2016
beauty skin

Having beautiful and glowing skin is not like magic; snap it and you get it. You need to have some daily habit which you have to practice daily. Although gorgeous skin is sometimes from gene factor, you still need some efforts to maintain it well. Here are the 6 tips for keeping your skin beautiful:

beauty skin

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1. No Smoking and Use Sunscreen

For exploring your beauty, your skin is the first thing taking part. That’s why, you have to be careful in keeping your body healthy inside and outside. For the inside, you have to stay away from ci*ga^ret*tes, and for the outside, you have to apply some sunscreen every day. Choose sunscreen which has UVA and UVB rays
with at least SPF 30. When you are outdoors, reapply your sunscreen every two until three days.

2. Retinoids

Use retinoids to clear your acnes, boost your collagen production, lighten brown area and smoothen your skin texture.
Usually retinoids are sold under a doctor’s prescription, so you need your skin doctor or dermatologist to prescribe it. They include the generic Tretinoin, Renova and Retin-A. You might also use the nonprescription version of retinoid which you can find in an over-the-counter, serum or gel containing retinol. This substance is good for both men and women to be an anti ager.
Apply a pea-sized amount of retinoid every two or three days gently.

3. Simple Skin Care

Take the simple products of skin care. Don’t overuse the products by buying all of the products which you think are good for your skin. In fact, it is not a brilliant step because too many ingredients will postpone the others’ benefits. The simplest skin care is using a simple cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and a retinoid.

4. Let the Products Work.

For having beauty skin care, you need to be patient because every product needs time to proceed. Consider the result after you spend the whole tube or bottle, but remember! If you find redness, burning, or swelling, you must stop using the product soon.

5. Healthy Life Style.

You need healthy life style to give the best treatment for your skin. The habits that you can try at home are:

  • Do yoga every day to give you relaxation and exercise. Exercise will increase your circulation and the nutrients flow to the skin. Reducing your stress might prevent you to have acne, rosacea or eczema. In fact, listening to meditation tapes is one of the treatments for ultraviolet light treatments. It also
    happens to the people who have psoriasis who has scaly, itchy skin. After they listen to meditation tapes, they are cured four times faster than those who do not meditate.
  • Sleep for seven hours or more every night. Regular sleep will optimize your human growth hormone natural secretion that produces collage and turnover the cell.
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits especially spinach, mango, blueberry. You might buy organic vegetables and fruits at the local market.

The conclusion is, for having the beautiful and healthy skin, you have to mix the science, healthy life style and simple skin care.

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