5 Reasons for Poppy Seeds Good for Health

By | November 30, 2017
Poppy Seeds Good for Health

Poppy seeds or popularly known as Khus Khus or Posto are the source of thiamin, folate-rich foods, and other important minerals. Calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc are also contained in the poppy seeds. Poppy Seeds Good for Health.

These seeds can be used to give a sense on the cake and bread. You can also give the poppy seeds in a mixture of pasta. Here is another benefit of the poppy seeds.

5 Reasons for Poppy Seeds Good for Health

Poppy Seeds Good for Health

Poppy Seeds Good for Health

  • Soothe tired nerves and help sleep more soundly.

Adding a bit of poppy seeds into the tea helps to sleep soundly and reduce anxiety in people with insomnia. You can drink the concoction that’s about half an hour before going to bed.

  • Relieves stomach aches.

One of the potent drugs for stomach pain in South Asia is by mixing poppy seeds with a little ghee or butter typical of India. The presence of papaverine substances that are derived poppy seeds can be used in medicine to relieve muscle spasm.

  • Remedies for dry cough.

Dry coughs very easily inflicted when weather conditions change. You can avoid this with poppy seeds. Mix one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of poppy seeds to eight tablespoons of coconut milk and drink before going to bed.

  • Avoid dry skin.

Poppy seeds are rated have moisturizing properties. Because the seed, is rich in fatty acids, then it can form a protective layer on the skin and prevents the loss of moisture.

  • Increase fertility in women.

There is some research that claims that the flushing the Fallopian tubes with poppy seed oil can increase fertility. Because this poppy seed oil can eliminate all kinds of slime and could help in improving the chances of fertility.

It can also help with digestion for similar reasons. Poppy seeds contain Lignans which are responsible for increasing libi** and s**ual desire so help improve s**ual health.

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