5 Techniques to Build Muscles without Weights

By | September 26, 2017
how to build muscle without lifting weights

Do you always find excuses for not achieving the fitness goal?

In today’s era of internet, there’s abundance of knowledge and information regarding exercises, and if you want to keep yourself fit, then there’s really no excuse. You can’t argue by saying that you don’t the process, as millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube performing all kinds of exercises and programs. People complaining about time issues have the option to perform certain exercises that just needs minutes to complete.

However, many people lack in equipments, which are indeed expensive, and not everyone can afford them. If you don’t have time for gym or gym membership and have gotten around to equipping your home and clueless how to train with your body weight, there are some tips you can follow. Many would go for pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups, and body-weight squats – but they do get dreary after some time.

how to build muscle without lifting weights

So, here are 5 techniques or tactics to workout with your weights:

  1. Start the countdown form 10

We all fall into the pothole with pull-ups and dips. We perform certain of sets and reps and can’t seem to get over it. Try the sets of descending reps – perform a set of 10, then 9 and so on to 1. As the muscles fatigue, the workload seems to get reduced, so that you get enough time for recovery to build up a good volume of exercise – total of 55 reps, which most of us never achieve with three sets of failure. This countdown is often used by the guys, who do their training on monkey bars in the local park doing dozens of pull-ups in one single shot.

  1. Train like an animal

Always stick to your workout plan, and make sure it is fun to perform. Train like you is playing like a 5-year old. You haven’t done exercises like the crab walk or bear crawl as a kid, but you can do it now. As an adult, you will realize that these are very hard, and you will find difficulty in moving, but you will become aware of the tight muscles and weak areas.

It may sound goofy to crawl like kids, but it will toughen your core and increase agility, as well as get your heart rate up and challenge the endurance. These exercises may seem silly, and you can’t help but will definitely enjoy them performing. Do them with your kids, or at local parks.

For bear crawls, walk on four legs properly straight, so your hips are overhead. To do crab walk, sit on the floor, bridge your hips up, and walk forward and back on your hands and feet.

  1. Use deck of cards

The body weight exercise can be converted into any kind of fun game using the deck of cards and it can help in determining the reps you perform. Assign a different suit to each exercise you’re doing, like – clubs can be pull-ups, diamonds can be push-ups, hearts can be lunges and spades can be sit-ups. Place the cards facing downwards and start turning over the cards. Whatever the number is on the card, do the reps and continue the counting up for face cards. This will make the exercise fun, and you can perform better, and won’t feel down or bored.

You can use joker card for performing any number of reps to make the workout more interesting.

  1. Drop sets are effective

You know what drop sets are, and they’re done using weights, but they can be also used on body weight lifts. It can be done with varying your mechanical advantage. Initiate the exercise with a body position to make the exercise hard; after that adjust it to drop for an easier position, which lets you perform more reps.

For example, do wide grip pull-ups in the starting. Then bring your grip in and turn your palms to face you so you’re doing a chin-up. Do as many chin-ups and then bring hands even closer, so you are doing a close grip chin up with your hands nearly touching. For push-ups, you can start with your hands touching, like a diamond position, and after that move them out to shoulder width. After you have done with all these reps or can’t perform any more reps, then place your hands on a bench or seat, so your body can incline, which is an easier way to do pushups. Repeat the exercise till you get exhausted.

  • Blurpees are best!

Mostly, you will not find any chin-up bar or a tree or pipe, where you can hang off; your only equipment will be the floor beneath you, and no equipments which can make your exercise easier. In this case, it can be difficult to find a workout for your back, but you can try blurpee, so you can get the effect of doing pull-ups without having something to hang from to do them.

Squat down and shoot your legs back so you land in a pushup position. Jump your legs back, but land them outside your hands. Pull with your lats to get your legs back in position to jump, and then come up. If the exercise is done in right way, then you will feel it in the back, the next day.


You can follow a strict diet and also supplements, like injectable deca durabolin for sale . But for the supplements to work, make sure you follow this workout properly, for supplements to work properly. There’s no supplement in the world, which will work on its own; it needs a proper diet and workout to show the best results. These exercises are as effective as workout done in the gym

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