5 Tips to Cover-up Pimples

By | March 14, 2020
how to cover up pimples

Anyone who has ever suffered from “Pimple problem” must have witnessed how stressful it is to stay confident while people stare at your skin due to your breakouts. Seeing a pimple growing back is the worst nightmare one can experience, especially when you’re witnessing a big date, special occasion or noteworthy event. When you’re in the middle of a breakout, using the right products and techniques can help you tone down redness and camouflage breakouts. In the first place you should take a few steps to reduce your acne, and then use a bit of make-up to cover it up. If hiding pimple imperfections provide you with confidence, you may want to give a try to the techniques mentioned below.

Tips to Cover-up Pimples

How to Minimize Acne (Do’s and Don’ts):

The procedure of reducing acne starts from giving your face a good wash. Acne consists of dirt and bacteria invaded in your skin pores. Therefore, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face. Take directed amount of your cleanser in your slightly wet hands, make a lather and apply it to your face gently in circular motion. Massage your face for 2-3 minutes and rinse with cool water. Look out for the cleansers with salicylic acid, which helps reducing redness and swelling and benzoyl peroxide which helps killing bacteria. In addition to this try avoiding cleansers with astringents and alcohol or facial scrubs.

Using Natural Astringents

How to cover up pimples Using Natural Astringents

If you are feeling lazy to go to a pharmacy and purchase a product to reduce your acne, you can rely on natural astringents present in your pantry or fridge. Banana, tomato and green tea are those natural ingredients you can rely on. Banana peels are helpful in reducing the size of pimples blend banana peels with a teaspoon of vinegar and maple syrup and apply it to the affected area, keep it for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water. Tomato contains citric acid that helps fight bacteria. Take a few slices of tomatoes; rub them gently on your face and rinse. Similarly, green tea is astringent filled antioxidants. Place a used tea bag along with some water on the affected area. You will start noticing the result in next few days.

Home Remedies:

Use an ice-cube on the affected area to numb it. This will help in decreasing the size of pimples and easing the pain by contracting the blood vessels underneath your skin. Or try tree tea oil as an antibacterial essential oil that will fight the microbes making place under your skin and will reduce redness making pimples unnoticeable.

  • Concealing Pimples:
concealer specially designed for acne

When pimples appear right before your big date and when it is not possible to completely eliminate your skin breakouts overnight, you can use a good concealer for covering up last minute blemishes to get the smooth looking skin. Pick up a concealer specially designed for acne that matches to your skin tone. With the help of concealer brush dab the product over the affected area rub it in with your fingers and blend perfectly. Cover the whole face with foundation and use a translucent powder to settle your makeup.

  • Sleep:

Adequate sleep makes you feel better, boosts your mood and leads you to a healthy life. Sleep deprivation not only causes under-eye circles. It also leads to stress and hormonal changes, which in turn causes more breakouts to your skin.

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