5 Tips to Prevent Skin Allergy

By | March 7, 2020
how to prevent skin allergies naturally

Skin breakouts are the worst condition one goes through. It occurs when our skin interacts with something that our immune system cannot fight with. The result is skin breakouts, pimples and blemishes.

Wash Your Face before Going to Bed

After a long tiring day many of the women go to bed without cleansing their face. 24 hours or longer time exposure to sun, pollution, dirt and different gasses can result in acne on forehead and cheeks. In addition to this, long run exposure results in leaving wrinkles on your skin if not cleansed properly. But if you want to avoid all these skin allergy problems there is no simple solution that is going to bed after washing your face properly with water and removing all the dirt with a gentle cleanser. This practice not only protects against skin allergy, but also impacts positively on skin by keeping it healthy and glowing.

how to prevent skin allergies naturally


Your skin cells have a life of almost 28 days therefore exfoliation must be included in your regime for pampering your skin to stay healthy and avoid any issues. Basically exfoliation is a process in which dead cells are removed from the skin and new skin is revealed. But that is not all exfoliation has many other benefits for your skin and avoiding skin allergy is one of those benefits. With time dirt, makeup, pollution and bacteria enter our pores and get clogged in it which is the real reason for acne issues. Even cleansers and facial washes are not able to raise them completely. Exfoliation helps in removing these harsh substances and minimizes pores. In addition to this it has another benefit that is it increases blood circulation that brings a glow to your skin from within.

how to prevent skin allergies naturally - Exfoliation

Purchase The Right Makeup:

Everyone wants to look the best and in order to enhance their beauty and to make themselves more presentable the use of cosmetics is increasing day by day. There is no harm in looking good by the use of makeup, but one must make sure that it should not cause any damage to the skin or must not have any after harmful effects. Here are few things that you must keep in mind while using makeup. Remember, it is better to purchase a small pack of cosmetics product instead of purchasing big bottles of the same item, it is recommended because whenever you open your cosmetic product the microorganisms in air might enter into it. Usually makeup preservatives can fight it up to 6 months but not more than that. In addition to this, never compromise on quality for quantity because sometimes our skin is covered with makeup for all day long. Poor quality products can make the situation worse. The third and simplest tip is to use non-cosmogenic, hypoallergenic makeups which are specifically designed for hypersensitive skin.

how to prevent skin allergies naturally - Purchase The Right Makeup

Always Use Your Personal Stuff:

This tip is also related to cosmetic product as every other woman in the world uses makeup to enhance her beauty. Sharing is caring, well said, but it does not work when it is about cosmetic products. Everyone has different skin type that includes sensitive, oily, dry and other kinds of skin. The makeup product that may suit your friend’s skin cannot suit to your skin as well. Other than this have you ever wondered what your makeup brushes go through daily. Let me provide you with a basic idea. Your makeup implements go over dead skin cells, chapped lips and popped zits every time you apply makeup. If it goes over all these things over your skin now try to think what it can go through on someone else skin? On someone’s skin who is already facing skin breakouts. So, basically when you borrow cosmetic item from someone, you may be borrowing their skin problems and germs. Similarly, sharing your soap, loofah, towel or comb can give rise to skin issues. Therefore, in this case no sharing is caring.

Take Actions:

The above mentioned tips are quite general ones that can help anyone to avoid allergy anytime of the year. But there are several reasons behind getting allergy to your face or skin. Some basic medical conditions that may cause allergy to your skin are coming in contact with triggers. Different people get allergy due to different reason. It might be dust, fungal infectants, animal dandruff, Pollens and any other substance that comes in contact to our skin and our immune system is not able to fight back.  To avoid allergies cause by pollen or dust can be avoided by placing air filters at home. But if you are facing some serious issues regarding your skin do visit dermatologist as soon as possible.

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