6 Beauty benefits for every exercise in winter/summer

By | January 1, 2018
Benefits of exercise for beauty

With winters at its peak and snowfall in many places, one needs a great deal of motivation to get out of bed and do any physical activity. Even if you have the best fitness equipment and don’t have to go to the gym, it’s tough to get out of your warm bed and probably see your partner fast asleep. For all those people who are crazy about beauty here are a few benefits of winter exercise that are sure to pull you out of bed and motivate you to work out.

Fewer chances of gaining winter weight

In winters everyone has one major problem with the face, winter weight. We tend to spend more time in bed, and even if we go to work, we use warm drinks to keep us warm. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year all in the same season all we do is eat, eat and eat. Most of the people go into a hibernating period and even though that is the most comfortable way to deal with the winters you’re sure to put on up to 4Kgs. Due to the lack of exercise the human body to gain heat by food processing within the body.

To keep yourself fit and save yourself the trouble of preparing for a summer body later you should get out of the bet and work out. Cardio is best for the winter because not only does it engage your whole body, it also heats up your body temperature and keeps you warm.

Smooth Skin

Benefits of exercise for beauty

You can have soft skin in the winters due to proper workout. Acne can start clearing once you start getting off your bed and hitting the gym. Acne does not occur overnight. It slowly appears after the accumulation of enough toxins inside your body. With all the festivities and sweets going around you’re sure to eat a lot of unhealthy things that you wouldn’t eat during the summers. Regular exercise can prevent the accumulation of toxins within your body and allow them a proper outlet.

Less sunburn

Working out in the summers is not a piece of cake the high temperature makes it very hard to heat up your body after a good hard run. If you are mustering the strength to go for a run the summers even if you put sunscreen on you can get sunburn as the sweat clears away the sunscreen. However, in the winters you can go for a run without worrying about the sun as it’s more like a friend in the winters. As the rays are not that strong, you have fewer chances of sunburned skin.

Restful Sleep

Winter is a time when we stay in bed a lot that is why when the sun sets, and it’s time to sleep we’re wide awake with nothing to do. This then leads to a disturbed sleep cycle and a lot of dark circles around your eyes. Exercise can help you in that department .if you start working out even for an hour you will be more energetic throughout the day, and by the time the sun sets you will be exhausted. There no sleep better than when you’re tired and go to bed. It will help you in developing a winter routine. It is commonly said that early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. If you want all that push down your covers and start working out.

Happy and glowing

Some of us don’t love the change of the weather and even if we do get into the winter spirit later on it get a little getting used to. People with SAD get a little gloomy. An excellent way to not let that depression take over is getting out and have a look winter has its beauty, and if it snows, then it might even be the most beautiful season.

When you work out chemicals such as dopamine are released into your body that is responsible for making you feel good. The chemical serotonin makes your anxiety go away and elevates your mood, so that you can enjoy the season and get into the winter festivities.

A healthy person is a happy person

Health is wealth a common saying, and it is relatable when you’ve been sick and then recovered. It is then when you realize that how much health is. It not only deals with your weight but also with your physical appearance. If your health falls, you are sure to have physically visible tell about it. Such as your skin loses color your hair might start feeling you feel weaker and less energetic dark circles and pigmentation are all examples of what can so go wrong looks wise. If you make exercise a part of your routine, it will make you healthy happy and glowing.

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