6 Beauty Hair Tips For Growing Long, Healthy Hair

By | March 20, 2020
Beauty hair tips

Hair is women’s crown which is dreamed to grow long and healthy, even some women have hair extension to have the long hair look. To grow a long, health hair is not easy work to do. You need some extra care to keep it grow well without any damage. You better choose natural approach to grow your hair rather than using chemical products which may harm your hair. You have to remember that everybody has different types of hair so that it also needs different treatment. Here you will find 6 beauty hair tips which help you to grow hair healthily.

Beauty hair tips

Beauty hair tips (Images: Pixabay)

1. Have trimming regularly.

Most women refuse to cut their hair while growing it; meanwhile, when your hair grows longer, the less healthy if will be. That’s why you need to have trimming to prevent split ends. Get a trim half and an inch every month to keep your hair grows healthily, especially when you have dyed hair that tends to have split ends more than normal hair.

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2. Reduce the use of hot tools.

The hot tools like hair dryer, hair straightener or curler are harmful to your hair. Heat is always bad for your hair, so avoid to use it very often. Let your hair dry naturally after wash, or avoid styling your hair every time. If you have to have the hair styling for your job, you can apply hair protector before you use the hot tools. Remember, every heat you apply leads to damage on your hair.

3. Use moisturizer for your hair.

At least once a week apply deep conditioner to your hair after shampoo. Oil treatment is good for nourishing your scalp so that your hair will grow well and healthy. Besides, conditioner also prevents the slip ends in the future. To sum up, to grow healthy long hair, you must begin with healthy short hair.

4. Your hair is what you eat.

Still, food takes the main part for your body and hair health. Have some diet which is good for your hair growth including fresh fruits, vegetables and protein. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water everyday, at least 2 litres. If it’s needed you may also take some multivitamins for your body needs as well as to support your hair growth. If you don’t take healthy diet, your hair will limp and weak because of less nourished. That is to say, it is impossible to grow it long.

5. Use a wide tooth comb for wet hair.

There are many kinds of comb and brush. After shampooing, you better pick the wife tooth comb to comb your hair. When your hair is wet, it’s likely to be damaged. A wide tooth comb helps to reduce hair fall after shampooing. Next, when you are washing your hair, don’t the root very hard, just gently massage your scalp to circulate your blood under the root. Lastly, don’t rub with towel, just let it dry with air.

6. Have a safe hair style and accessories.

Last tips is don’t use hair style which hurt your hair such as tight pony tails or tiny braid pulled from your root. It is also not easy to remove so it will break your hair. For choosing the accessories, choose the hair ties with metal connector and avoid using the rubber or metal hair accessories. They will lead to the hair breakage.

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