6 causes of prolonged fatigue

By | December 29, 2017
causes of prolonged fatigue

Maybe you’ve experienced fatigue throughout the day although it had already gone to bed early. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the United Kingdom, is currently one of the five people feel very tired and one of 10 people experience prolonged fatigue. There are many lifestyle factors that affect the level of fatigue. Here are 6 causes of prolonged fatigue, same Quick fatigue causes.

6 causes of prolonged fatigue

  • Caffeine.

Caffeine is a diuretic which means that you urinate constantly until it becomes dehydrated. Dehydration makes sleepy but this is not a beneficial cycle. Caffeinated beverages can make a person more vigilant. Finally you feel more tired when the effects of caffeine runs out. Off all caffeinated drinks over the past month and monitors when energy levels up. If it can’t live without it, limit caffeinated drinks becoming one day once and stop slowly.

  • Alco**hol.

Just as alco**hol affect the brain when awake, this drink also affects the type of sleep you get. Alco**hol reduces the amount of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

  • Fatigue due to full working alone.

Long return journey, busy daily schedule, stressful work agenda and a busy social life are plural. Learn to say no. Balance work with play is temptation. Take the time to actively relax and fill it correctly is essential for a healthy energy level.

  • Not enough exercise.
causes of prolonged fatigue

causes of prolonged fatigue

Not exercising actually makes it more lethargic. Research shows became active in the daytime makes you feel less tired and walking about 15 minutes can make a difference. Set realistic goals. If exercise feels like a struggle, choose something you like.

  • Sugar.

Sugar works the same way as caffeine. Sugar will give an energy boost but slowly decrease so that it gets tired. Foods such as avocados, bananas, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds are packed full of slow release of energy. It is recommended to eat regular portion of food and healthy snacks every three to four hours than not too often a great meal.

  • Medical reasons.

There are a variety of medical reasons why can feel tired in addition to lifestyle choices. This includes having the thyroid, low iron levels or suffer from depression. If feel tired because of the problems listed above, consult with a doctor.

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