6 Most Popular and Comforting Body Spas you should Never Miss In Kanpur 5/5 (7)

By | May 2, 2018
Body Spa in Kanpur

Are you new to Kanpur? Looking for a relaxing Massage Parlour?
Kanpur is one of the most popular Cities in Uttar Pradesh (UP). The city is well known by the largest industrial town in India. Kanpur is the biggest industrial and cultural hub and is located on the banks of the river, Ganga. This city is the best place for where you can relax yourself as there is a large number of body spas or massage parlours. Kanpur is one of the best tourist destinations in India.

There are large numbers of body spas available in the Kanpur, providing various types of health benefits. Some of them focus on relaxing massages and others aim to offer healing massage therapies like acupuncture, Deep Tissue massage, Balinese massages etc. You will find so many types of the massage therapies in Kanpur but, I have listed 6 most beneficial massage parlours.

Let’s have a look on these 6 most popular and soothing body spas.

  1. Sabaai body Spa and Salon

This body Spa and Salon is quite famous for its wide range of beauty, body and hair services in Kanpur. Their massage therapists are quite talented and experienced in offering a delightful massage experience, relaxing aromas and extreme comfort. They have alluring, soothing and radiant infrastructure in in Kanpur. They offer most affordable and trendy hair services in their professional salon. Their massage services include Lomi Lomi massage, Balinese massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, and body polish services in some great packages. They also offer several facial services.

  1. Oranz Spa

They are offering enriching and soothing massage experiences to their clients through highly skilled and experienced massage professionals. They have adapted the holistic approach to soothe the soul, mind and body. They are established and professional massage therapy in the wellness industry. They offer healing body massage therapies by using effective massage techniques in their captivating and graceful body spa environment. Their dedicated team of massage therapists focuses on making their customers comfortable in their ambience.

  1. Essence Body Spa

Essence body spa is one of the most renowned and professional Body Spa in Kanpur. They are specialized in offering exceptionally relaxing and soothing massage services, such as Body to Body massage, Thai massage, Hot Stone massage, Balinese massage, Deep Tissue massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Neck and back massage, Facial services and Swedish Massage in Kanpur. They have highly skilled and licensed massage therapists that are capable of offering most professional massage services. Their facial and body treatment services are quite affordable and effective for all the persons suffering from body ache or other health issues.

  1. Coral Spa

Coral Spa is the most popular mall in the city of Kanpur. They are most luxurious massage providers, offering rejuvenating health and fitness experience through their most effective massage therapies at the best prices. If you want to feel luxurious and pampered, then this body spa is the right place for you. Their holistic healing body treatments enrich your massage experience that provides a true balance of mental and physical health.

Their services include Balinese massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, Deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, Thai Aromatherapy and other facial services. They also provide other luxurious services like body polish, body wraps, foot spa and head massage packages for their clients.

  1. Ashwat Spa & Body Massage Center

This body spa is basically situated at Kanpur Cantt. They are famous for their wide range of body massage services. This is 24 hours available body massage parlour. They have massage services which include Thai massage, Deep Tissue massage, full body massage and others. They have extensively knowledgeable and licensed massage therapists. They are famous for offering most soothing and relaxing massage techniques to their clients.

  1. Essence day spa

They have professional and licensed massage therapists. You can feel the calmness and relaxing massage experience given by their registered massage therapist, offering multiple health benefits for your body as well as the mind. You can enjoy the personal attention that they offer to each of their customers. They have 10 years of experience in providing hair services in Kanpur. Their approach is to inspire people towards health and fitness, by offering such effective massage services at the most affordable prices. They offer a wide range of body treatments which includes massage therapies such as full body massage, aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Balinese massage and Thai massage.


These body spas will not only heal your soul, but also polish your mind. Make your trip to Kanpur unforgettable and soothing, have a great time in one of these body spas and start your day with energetic and refreshed mind. Massage therapy is one of the best medicinal alternatives recommended by most of the physicians or doctors. Stay healthy! Stay happy!

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