6 Steps to Fight Fatigue and Win Your Energy Back

By | February 22, 2018
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Having a lot of responsibilities in life can leave you with very little time to properly take care of yourself. Even when given time to rest, you are likely still inclined to think about tasks that you should get around to because nobody would do them for you. As such, you fail to truly utilize the time for your own rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

The exhaustion epidemic is very real for many people, and yet few can effectively deal with it. Individuals who are constantly fatigued feel that it’s just something that they have to accept and live with until they finally reach retirement.

The problem with this experience is that consistently feeling tired spawns all kinds of health issues. Studies on sleep loss and fatigue reveal that people who always feel exhausted are highly prone to inflammation throughout the body and gastrointestinal problems. Direct links to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, anemia and thyroid conditions have been established as well.

Fight Fatigue

how to get energy fast

If you wish to regain good quality of life for yourself and your loved ones, you have to win over fatigue. Although you may not be able to reduce your responsibilities, you can become more organized and strategic in dealing with every task that you need to accomplish.

To help you put an end to feeling tired all the time and get your energy for life back, here are six steps you can follow.

Step 1: List down all of your usual tasks.

It always helps to get a visual representation of the activities or things that consume your time and energy. By seeing them on paper, you’ll have a better sense of how much work you are regularly taking on. 

Step 2: Evaluate your energy- and time-consumers.

Sit down and assess each and every task on the list based on how much time you normally take to get them done, when you get around to doing them, and the process you have in place for tackling each task.

 Evaluating your tasks will also provide you the opportunity to study how important all of them are. You may find that some tasks are not really necessary, such as the dogs’ weekly trip to the dog run (since they already get daily walks around the neighborhood), or cooking dinner every Wednesday (when you need to stay at the office longer).

Step 3: Come up with ways to become more efficient with your responsibilities.

There are plenty of tactics that you can use to improve your work process so that you save not just time, but your energy as well. Perhaps, start delegating more chores to members of your family, or consider shopping for groceries online so that you no longer have to make the trip to the grocer, which actually takes up a lot of time.

Consider creating a control station at home as well so everybody can contribute their time and energy to household tasks properly. Put a schedule of things to do and describe tasks so you don’t have to be bothered to teach how something should be done every time.

You could also try adopting minimalism. With fewer possessions, you will not need to allot as many hours of the week to cleaning as before.

Solutions are available in all shapes and forms; you just need to take the time to explore them to see which are most effective in making you work more efficiently.

Step 4: Set aside time for rest.

No matter how cramped your schedule gets with work and other responsibilities, it’s essential to include rest in your daily routine. Learn to be deliberate about taking time off. Inform your family that for a specific hour or so on certain days, you are not to be disturbed. This is a critical factor in ensuring that your mind and body get the rest they need.

Step 5: Boost your energy.

List down the different lifestyle changes you can make to improve your energy level. For example, you can start taking health supplements. Nature’s Bounty mini fish oil is rich in omega-3, which is known to fight stress. Fatty fish oils can also boost mood and improve memory, so they can help you become more effective and efficient with work.

Consider anything with CoQ10 as well, such as Bio-Q. This potent antioxidant can improve your body’s production of cellular energy and it can also boost heart health.

Eat healthier, too, and try incorporating a workout program into your daily routine. A lot of busy people say that including exercise in their hectic schedule actually provides them more energy for everything that they need to do. You can experience the same benefit.

Step 6: Practice gratitude.

There’s nothing like being thankful for life to make you gain a better perspective of living. When you learn to conscientiously appreciate what you have, then you will see the value of making your well-being a priority.

How do you practice gratitude? You can keep a journal, pray, or even meditate.

Going through life in a constant state of exhaustion is no way to live. So, learn how to deal with fatigue and restore your energy. When you do so, you will get better results from all your efforts and recover quality in all aspects of living.

Author: Gehana Kennedy

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