7 Fastest ways to lose weight this summer season

By | August 25, 2018
how to lose weight in summer fast

Summers are here! Warm wind, sunlight, unbearable heat and annoying dust will definitely make you feel low and extremely irritated. While hot summery days suck your energetic, it is quite hard to do some hard workout in summers. Basically, things are different in summers!

We all have heard of a very famous saying, “You need to eat less and move more.” It is good to hear but without an exact plan or fact, it is quite to see the results. Here is something that you will find extremely benefiting and faster to show results. But, this will need a little change in number of calories consumed by you in a day. Approximately, an average woman only needs about 500 calories to be slashed of their usual intake and for men, it is 600 approx. They need to do this for just two days a week. And on rest of the days, you can eat normally. This information will be helpful not in only offering some considerable benefits in your health but also lowering down the risk of various aging diseases.

Believe in practicality! Have a look on the following 7 tips based on real actions for weight loss for six weeks and see the difference in your weight.

  1. Bye- bye alcohol

First step you must do in these summers is to cut out the alcohol. Yes, it might be sad for you but alcohol is almost similar to sugar chemically. So, drinking it will definite cause some noticeable weight gain as it will also set off the same insulin resistance. Alcohol contains plenty of calories and very less nutritional value. If you are hard core addicted to alcohol, then you can try aiming to give up for 2 weeks, and if you are a normal consumer, then you can give up alcohol for six weeks. Think of it in a positive way. Decide between two, either alcohol or lean body. So this summers, say goodbye to alcohol.

  1. Be careful with the carbs

You must have heard about it. Cut carbs if you want to lose weight! Oats, brown rice, sweet potato, Kamut, Green Peas, Whole-wheat pasta, Black beans etc can be taken if you want to lose some weight. So, be careful when carbs are good for you. Refined carbs are good for weight loss. Do not forget that small changes can make a big difference. Avoid processed white carbs as they will increase the blood-sugar levels and promotes fat gaining. You be careful about carbs selection. Whether you are taking steroids supplements, be serious about what you are putting on your plate. There are several online pharmacies selling injectable steroid cycles for sale alsoclarifies that the steroids can be effective if takes along with healthy diet.

  1. No Italian cuisines

No more white sauce pasta or cheesy pizzas! Follow healthy diet which is rich in vegetables. You can go for whole-grains, nuts, fruit, lean protein, olive oil, and low-fat dairy products. Summers and fruits are great combination. You can havepine apple, apple, Kiwi or other fruits. You can also take fat free yoghurt with your lunch. Try to eat less at night. You can have light dinner like oats and salad at night.

  1. Sip soups

Soups are great appetite suppressant if taken before the meal. They contain a nice combination of liquid and solid which can reduce the calories intake as compare to a meal with soup. A nice vegetable soup can help you to keep your calories count in control. You can also take them as your after-lunch or evening snacks. Avoid some additional seasoning and fried bread on the soups. You can also lunch time meal with a nice vegan-soul. Pour it into your coffee mug and enjoy it as great drink.

  1. 75:25 Ratio

This is quite a simple and easy formula. You should be clear with your food statistics. Fill your plate with vegetables at an expense of carbs and meat at the ratio of 75:25. Adding meat to the plate is just like having treat, and adding carbs is just a supporting role. Vegetable is the main star of the dish.

  1. Serve a little less

It is a fact we always serve more than we can eat. According to a recent survey, we tend to eat only 92% of food we serve in your plate. So, try to serve less food in your plate. A little smaller plate is not a bad idea when you know the positive results.I do not mind serving a small plate. Do you?

  1. Change your coffee habits

Skip your hazelnut coffee, frappe, or latte. Stick to the green tea, black coffee or herbal tea. Making few changes in your lifestyle can make a big difference. Try this for six weeks and feel the difference. 

The bottom line is….

These summers, just be more careful for what you are eating. Whether you are working on building your muscles or planning to lose some extra weight, make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle. Steroids users can buy anabolic steroid cycles for sale, which are affordable, but they cannot do well without taking care of their diet. No one to need to do dramatic strict dieting, it will only make your weaker and unhealthy. You have to work smartly and dedicatedly on your body.

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