8 Essential terms need to be controlled for better environment

By | December 20, 2017
Importance of environmental health

Now a day’s people have become bit lazy and much more depended on luxuries things, such as car, house, cell phones, and laptops. Now the question arises here is that how is metal and plastic are harming the environment?

Well, you can easily figure out how thousands of extensions in last 200 years have changed the millions of years naturally created extensions.

Now the humans have completely made a new world which is with every second is hampering the naturally made things and are not taking harsh measures to reduce it. Since the industrial revolution came on the earth, things started to change, from the way of living to natural activities.

Unwanted things happening all around the world are being just because of human not because of natural disasters. Making changes to natural things is not an appropriate thing to do, so that’s why natural has started paying you back with harsh conditions and natural disasters.

Now here are the points that have got the change in the natural ecosystem:

  1. Pollution: This is the word that everyone is aware of, but people have no other option to ignore it, because if you need to control the pollution, then they would need to stop many things for which they are not ready at all. The pollution comes from the garbage thrown in the highways for people driving the car. Pollution is completely inescapable.
Importance of environmental health

Importance of environmental health

The major probability of people has access to polluted water. With every new technology, water, air, soil everything is getting polluted and now it will require millions of years to refresh it again. It is said that due to pollution, ozone layer has been depleted with the area equally to America and direct UV rays coming from the sun are affecting the human and natural things.

  1. Population: With an increase in population, pollution is increasing. More and more people will pick up things that cause pollution and affect the environment. A human requires space and it can be farming land or industry, everything requires space. As trees are getting filtered, the forest has been getting washed off, so it will result in less oxygen and increase in Carbon Dioxide.

Here comes another issue, with a large number of population, a large number of fossil fuels will be used and this will result in more Co2 in the air. So, controlling the population is a vital thing.

  1. Global Warming: This is said to be one of the major causes to affect the environment. It is clearly seen that people are slowly and slowly are increasing the amount of Co2 and reducing the amount of oxygen because of deforestation they are doing.

Today, Co2 lever has increased to 400 PPM, this is a serious issue.  Now glaciers and ice melt faster than it was expected and this is because of immense heat, which will result in a rise in the ocean with 1-4 feet by 2100.

  1. Climate Changes: Climate change is one of the most discussed factors in environmental issues. Some of the areas might live for longer but there are places that will face a barren situation as the water will be completely washed off, as in flower areas will turn into deserts. The change in weather pattern will result in floral places converted into deserts, huge hurricanes, droughts, and heat waves. Bad air and the increase in temperature definitely affect the eco-system and has even raised the chances of asthma and cancer.
  2. Water pollution: Out ocean is said to be a hub of jewels and treasures, but people living on earth have converted it as a garbage bin. More than 8 million tons of garbage are dumped into the ocean and this is affecting the water animals.

The huge amount of fertilizers is being carried by ocean through rains, floods, winds. Now why fertilizers are important, as it contains nitrogen and it is required in the growth of plants. And by letting fertilizers go, you won’t be able to grow plants and later no plants and no oxygen. Chemicals coming from industries and ships running on the sea are affecting the water bodies and the marine lives living in it.

  1. Deforestation:Now comes the population issue, with more population, more space required, so what people have figured out to cut of the forest and make humans live there. What about the animals, there is no point snatching their homes for your benefits. Cutting of forest will eventually decrease the oxygen level. These trees are used to make some wood products even. Humans itself is building his graveyard by cutting off the forest.
  1. Acid Rain: Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide are produced by burning of coal and fuel and later this result in forming a cloud and further acid rain. Rains are mostly mixed in lakes and water bodies and mixing of acid rain is really harmful to them.
  • Here the water will soak up the acid and hamper the soil of vital nutrients. It is said that acid can even finish the entire world of fish.
  1. Depletion of Ozone layer:Ozone layer works like a protector for human being and the natural stuff present on the earth. Because of all these pollution, ozone layer has started to deplete. Ozone is actually made up of three bonded oxygen’s that is present in the stratosphere that absorb the good amount of Ultraviolet rays, protecting the lives on earth.

But luckily, chemicals that were destroying the ozone layer has been banned and now the chemicals which are being used will take almost 80 years to reach the upper atmosphere and will help in creating the protective boundary again. So till then, take care.

Conclusion: Don’t you think that nature, we have got is so eye soothing, so make sure to retain the importance of environmental health for better living. It must be taken care of otherwise Mother Nature is an unforgiving force, so important is to treat her well and not make her angry. So what happened yesterday must be ignored, best we can do is today and if we waited for tomorrow then it will be too late.

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