9 Cool Hacks That Will Make You Look Stylish This Summer

By | June 22, 2017
9 Cool Hacks That Will Make You Look Stylish This Summer 1

Ever wondered how some women manage to look modest and stylish in summers?

What do they do to keep themselves cool at the summers?

Everyone is not same regarding styling themselves and following the fashion trends. There are many women who want to look stylish but at the same time want to be modest. It’s easy to style in summer; just mix and match the old dresses and one can look like one’s favorite diva.

Summers are sweaty and sometimes messy too; one has to control the fly-away and keep check on the dress to avoid tanning. Wearing short and cute dresses not only makes one look adorable but also keep the heat at bay. Accessorize theses dresses with floral bands or scarf and one is set to rock the world. Though it seems easy (it is easy) but exposing a large portion of skin to sun will not only damage the skin but can even cause some major skin issues.

9 Cool Hacks That Will Make You Look Stylish This Summer 2

To keep this situation under control, slather lots and lots of sunscreen on the skin. A person should use good Skin Care Products that will not only keep the skin safe from sun but also help attain one ageless beauty. To top it up, one should include seasonal fruits and vegetables along with lots of juices and water to keep the skin hydrated and glowing. These tips will give one a glowing skin and in those dresses one will be able to flaunt that shiny and lustrous skin.

  1. Loose is cool

Summers are sweaty; so women shout opt for clothes that are loose. These loose clothes will make them look super stylish this summer. Dressing in a tight jeans or shorts will make one uncomfortable and sweaty. Instead opt for a maxi dress or boyfriend jeans with flowy top or blouse along with some textured sandals or sneakers. These will not only make a statement among people but also help one look super stylish and cool in summers.

  1. Choose breathable fabrics

Choose the right fabrics to keep cool and stylish this summer. Lightweight materials are good for summers, but without structure they might stick the moment one starts sweating. One should not opt for rayon or polyester clothes as they will make one more uncomfortable. Opt for cotton, silk, chambray, linen and jersey, as they will keep the look moderate yet fancy.

  1. Avoid layers

These days, many dresses are sleeveless; they are stylish but many feel uncomfortable while wearing them so, choose to layer them up. These will only make one feel heated up from inside.

To avoid that one can wear off-shoulder tops or cut sleeves, which are not only modish but keep one away from the urge to layer up. One can even opt for maxi dress and cover up with a knit cardigan, which not only looks stylish but also breathable.

  1. Choose right accessories

summer fashion accessories

Earrings are good as they don’t touch the skin; choose short earrings and not a long one. Avoid heavy metal necklaces or bracelets, as they tend to become hot during summer. Choose light weight necklaces and bracelets that don’t end up sticking to the skin due to sweat.

  1. Use scarfs

Scarfs are really handy in summers; one can wrap it around the neck or even tie up hairs with it. A scarf can be styled in multiple ways to tie it around the hair and give a fresh and summery look. One can even wet the scarf and tie it around the neck to feel cool and it will soak the sweat around the neck easily.

  1. Go for short clothes

cute outfits with shorts for summer

Its summer and one may not have to cover up during this weather. Just slather the sunscreen and re apply it whenever one feels necessary. There are many skin essentials from different brands that give products which provide safety from sunrays. Use the best products and flaunt the skin in off shoulders and shorts styling with flats this summer.

  1. White and light colors

Summers are very bright, so opt for bright and light colors that will make one feel effortlessly fashionable. So colors like pastels, creams and whites will dispel heat and keep one cool. Dark colors absorb light and bright colors talk about happy summer.

  1. Style the loose shirts

Long shirts are in fashion; one can wear them as dresses with belts around the waist or with pants or slacks. The shorts are also a good option; one can even style long shirts on sleeveless maxis and pair it will cool sneakers or stylish wedges.

  1. Wide-brimmed hats and scarfs is a necessity

Drape the scarf over the shoulders or head whenever feel getting too much heat from the sun. Hats are also in fashion and one may use different kinds of hats to style with the dresses making it a statement. They are lightweight and on will love it.

So step out of the house and style with an elegance this summer. These tips are easy to follow and one may experiment with the clothes in their wardrobe. These will give one not only a stylish look, but also a feel of summers.

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