5 Acute Bronchitis Treatment, Causes, and Symptoms

By | March 20, 2020
Acute Bronchitis Treatment

Acute Bronchitis Treatment, Causes, and Symptoms – Bronchitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of bronchus (the respiratory tract from the trachea to the airways in the lungs), this inflammation results in the surface of the bronchus swollen (thickened) so the respiratory tract relatively narrowed.

Acute bronchitis, also known as the flu in the chest, is inflammation and swelling of the respiratory tract located in the lungs. The disease is caused by the same virus in flu disease and often the flu causes acute bronchitis.

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Kinds of bronchitis

There are 2 kinds of bronchitis:

Acute bronchitis.

The sufferer will usually recover within a few days, but the cough can last for more than a few weeks.

Chronic bronchitis.

Cough that occurs daily and produces phlegm lasting for at least 3 months, 2 consecutive years. This disease is also the risk of causing chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD).

Causes of acute bronchitis.

If anyone is coughing and is convicted of bronchitis, then the next step is to do the treatment. For the treatment to be successful and to prevent recurrence and prevent transmission, the must-know is the cause of the bronchitis itself and the factors that increase the risk.

The triggers or causes of the disease arise are due to influenza, rhinovirus, Adenovirus and other viruses. However, in some cases, bacteria and germs are one of the most common causes of bronchitis disease to infect the sufferer. The types of bacteria that can cause the onset of this disease are known to be Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and many more.

Repeated bronchitis attacks can occur in smo**kers and people with lung disease and chronic respiratory tract. Recurrent infections can be a result of:

  • Chronic sinusitis.
  • Bronchiectasis.
  • Allergies.
  • Enlargement of tonsils and adenoid in children.

Iritative bronchitis can be caused by:

  • Different types of dust.
  • Smo**ke from strong acids, ammonia, some organic solvents, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and bromine.
  • Air pollution that causes ozone and nitrogen dioxide irritation.
  • Toba**cco and other ciga**rettes.

Symptoms of acute bronchitis.

Cough symptoms generally begins from the beginning of the disease attack, then lasts up to 10-20 days until slowly subsided. In addition, it will usually include headaches, fever, short breath and pain in the chest.

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In some cases, the bronchitis symptoms come suddenly arrive and disappear quickly within 5 days. Perhaps the body will pain behind the breastbone and can suffer mild fever.

Acute Bronchitis Treatment.

There are 2 kinds of Acute Bronchitis Treatment, namely herbal treatment and medical treatment.

Acute bronchitis disease can be cured with herb such as:


Pelargonium is an extract from South African Geranium roots, which has antiviral and antibacterial activity. It can also stimulate the cleansing of mucus by accelerating the movement of fine hair (cilia) on the respiratory tract.

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Pelargonium can be used to treat sore throat, cough, colds, and sinusitis and acute bronchitis. This natural herb plant is the most effective treatment of treating acute bronchitis. More effective than the prescription drug by a physician.

Acute Bronchitis Treatment

In addition, medication that can be done for patients with acute bronchitis is:

  • Lots of rest.
  • Drink plenty of plain water.
  • Avoid smo**king and exposure to ciga**rette smo**ke or other fumes.
  • Administration of inhaled sympathomimetic drugs or cough syrup.

In patients with bronchitis who have normal pulmonary function and do not have other chronic diseases, the introduction of antibiotics is not required because most cases of bronchitis are caused by viral infections.

Acute bronchitis caused by viral infections can usually heal spontaneously within a few weeks if you have good body resistance. However, in acute bronchitis caused by bacteria, the regular antibiotic administration is required to eliminate the germs that cause bronchitis.

If the infection continues to be a chronic bronchitis, then you need an additional class of steroid medication to reduce airway inflammation and or administration of oxygen when needed.

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