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Advertise on health websites – HealthBeautyIdea blog was launched in 2014 and features daily posts on unique health and beauty tips from around the world. HealthBeautyIdea is a great place to promote your company’s health and green initiatives and products. If you, your company, or your client would like to advertise on health websites, health beauty idea is on of the best choice.

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Advertise with us

HealthBeautyIdea Statistics

Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Moz Rank (Update December 14, 2017)

Domain authority - Page authority - Moz Rank Healthbeautyidea

Domain authority – Page authority – Moz Rank Healthbeautyidea

You can purchase a sponsored blog post on HealthBeautyIdea. Sponsored posts could include a blog post (with an image or video), and maximum 2 hyperlinks, and the article from you.

We only publish one sponsorship post per day, so when you purchase a sponsored post you would be effectively sponsoring the blog for the entire day.

Your article will be permanently available on our site and will provide long-tail exposure for you as readers find our search optimized articles for the keywords associated with your product. Please note, links in the sponsored article will be live and connected to your site, but will not pass pagerank.

Sponsored posts, which can include stories from press releases, videos, articles, infographics, interviews, and anything else you want to share about your brand, cost $50 per article on all but six of our sites (see price list below).

Payment is required before posts go live, no exceptions.

As a general guideline, posts that look too advertorial will not attract readers. We suggest that you focus on your industry and speak as a voice of authority in that field. If you offer something of value to readers, they’re more likely to like you, and to share your article. You are encouraged to include photos and/or video clips as well.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to create the article, you can hire our writers to create an original article for you. Writing services are available only in combination with Paid Review posts, and full payment must be received before articles are drafted. You may review the article once before it goes live.

Cost for this service is $ 100 per article.

  1. Banner on header USD 250 per month or USD 2,500 per year.
  2. Banner below post title, USD 200 per month or USD 2,000 per year.
  3. Banner inside article, USD 150 per month or USD 1,500 per year.
  4. Banner below article, USD 100 per month or USD 1,000 per year.

Insert dofollow link:

  • Insert dofollow link on existing article for your health or beauty article or blog homepage USD 30 per link.

For order sponsored post, paid review, or banner slot, you can send your request via contact us or via email at monitoringclub(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)id