Beauty Equipment to Startup Your Beauty Salon

By | March 26, 2019
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Beauty Equipment to Startup Your Beauty Salon – Women love to go to beauty salon to do treatment for their skin and hair, therefore; a beauty salon becomes a promising business today. More women realize the importance of taking care of their skin and hair because of the increasing pollution and UV rays’ exposure. Besides, today more women working in the office or entertainment, which means they need makeup all the time and along with it, they need skin care more frequently.

To start a beauty salon business you need some major preparations such the cosmetics, furniture and the beauty equipment. Before you decide them, you have to be clear what your beauty salon focuses on. Is it hairdressing, facial treatment, massage, manicuring or all of them? After you deciding you need to make a list of beauty equipment you need.

You have to be careful here because the equipment you choose will influence your customers’ satisfaction later on, even the basic things like combs and scissors. You also need to consider about the assumed number of customers who come to your salon. Be detailed, keep it mind that the beauty industry is wide now, you have many competitors, don’t mess up just because you are not well-prepared.

Beauty Equipment to Startup Your Beauty Salon

Let’s start from the basic beauty equipment: scissors and combs. You can provide the best service of hairstyling in your salon by using the electronic grooming equipment. It includes:

  • hair clippers
  • big barrel curler
  • trimming scissors
  • curling comb hair dryer
  • barber scissors
  • ridged curling iron
  • hair straightener, and
  • curling iron

To support hairstyling more, you might also need diffusers, blow dryer, hair curlers, multi-styling kits, hot rollers and hair curlers. Remember, women mostly want to be different, so make sure you have various hair styling to respond the customers demand. Be update by checking some hair styling magazines to get a new fresh idea about the style as well as the tool.

For the combs and brushes, you need to get the followings:

  • wide-toothed comb
  • tail-end comb
  • square brush
  • round brush
  • rattail comb
  • two vent brushes
  • regular brushes and combs
  • two-tail comb
  • pitchfork
  • rake hair brushes and combs
  • paddle brush
  • two smoothing brushes
  • wide tooth brush
  • teasing

To give good treatment for hair as professionals, your salon needs some hair care products such as shampoo, serum, conditioner, mousse, hair straightening and perming kits, hair colors, hair dyes, styling gels, hair extensions and wigs. You also need the shampoo bowls, hood dryers, plastic gloves or rubber gloves to do the hair dying, hair steamers, hair clips, mixing bowls for the dyes, handheld mirrors for checking the hair cut, applicator brushes and water sprayers (usually for cutting).

Facial treatment needs some machine to do all the jobs. You may need facial massager, acne skin care, tightening machine or lifting/anti-aging light therapy. All of those beauty equipments are offered separately, but some suppliers have them in one machine.

The most important of having the beauty equipment is the treatment. Use them gently and clean them periodically. You might also need to subscribe to the beauty salon magazines to know the most updated beauty equipment today. Most people like to sit and to be treated in the most modern salon, so, grab the chance!

Start a beauty salon business tips

Before opening the beauty salon business like this, there are basic principles that must be learned first, so that your business can live a more successful.

  • Take a Beauty Course
  • Strategic location
  • Salon interior
  • Salon Materials and Equipment
  • Advertising / promotion
  • Make everything you have useful.

In addition to the tips above, hard work is also needed so that the business that you pursue can succeed