Benefits of fasting for the body and mind

By | March 7, 2020
Benefits of fasting for the body

Long before people get to know the juice of the stomach cleansers, detox and diet liver or heart, human has performed the ritual of self-limitation. (Read: Juicing For Health, Weight Loss And Recovery From Illness). Many monks and nuns who abstain from food starting noon until dawn. Muslims run the fasting of Ramadan and many Christian traditions also carry out Lent. Many ways of fasting followed by religious people do not fully restrain eating and drinking. A number of studies showed that a period of restrained to not eating can provide health benefits, regardless of your do it for reasons of religion or not. Here are The Benefits of fasting for the body and mind.

Benefits of fasting for the body and mind

What happens to the body when fasting.

Consuming food and digest it impacts on the body, and temporary stop from such a thing can bring benefits. There is some damage from eating, there are also foods that contain free radicals and it causes damage to our bodies. Eating is not all good. It is indeed necessary, but the rest of it will probably give our bodies a rest time of the process. The research shows that stop eating can sometimes reduce the risk factor for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. We don’t yet know for sure whether it will reduce the incidence of the risk factors, but it definitely decreased.

But even though eating has its shortcomings, fasting is also a pressure on the human body. Fasting triggers increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood and activate the sympathetic nervous system. This process is sometimes called the fight or flight response. These are all processes when the body is trying to free the sugar from the body to the brain. All this also has an impact of damage to the body. The key, as for many things in health care, is moderation. Learn Fasting and blood sugar levels.

Fasting and mental health.

Benefits of fasting for the body

Benefits of fasting for the body

Our bodies are not the only ones that benefit from the rest of the meal. According to psychologist Meredith Fuller, fasting can also help reset our relationship with food. Fuller, who runs fast for health rather than religious reasons, sees it as a way of honoring one’s health and good condition.
For Fuller, the mental health benefits of fasting feels after meals is provided again.

Plan fasting.

But before going straight to fasting, make sure it’s the best for your body. Talk to your doctor if there are any reasons why you shouldn’t do it. You should also pay attention to motivation and what you expect from fasting. And want to stop it if fasting is not in accordance with your body.. May be helpful if trying of fasting in the environment of the community, as do religious people. In addition to the physical benefits, you also get the benefits of being part of something in the environment.

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