Best breakfast for a healthy diet

By | December 5, 2018
Best breakfast for a healthy diet

Best breakfast for a healthy diet – Breakfast is the most important meal to start the day. Even the first food that goes into the body can determine the success or failure of the diet in the weight loss process. While you’re trying to go on a diet, that should be noted ,is the breakfast menu in order to target weight loss can be achieved quickly.

There are certain foods that when inserted in the breakfast routine menu, can give you not only the health benefits but also helps maintain or lose weight. The following are some of them:

Best breakfast for a healthy diet.


Bananas are rich in fiber and low in calories. You can include a banana for breakfast or consumed with cereal. You can also use banana as a snack when hungry.


Potato is one of the foods that are helpful to lose weight because it has a high fiber content. In addition to fiber, potatoes are also low in calories and contains water so that they can work together to lose weight.

The spinach.

Spinach is rich in iron and potassium, as it is considered best to maintain the health and fitness of the body as a whole. Spinach is also low in calories and have high nutritional. To further enhance the absorption of iron from the spinach, consume foods that rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes and oranges.


Watermelon - Best breakfast for a healthy diet

Watermelon is one of the best breakfast for a healthy diet

Watermelon consists of 90 percent water, low in calories, rich in vitamins A and C and magnesium. Watermelon will give a fresh taste when consumed for breakfast and make you feel full for a certain time. Watermelon also contains no fat or cholesterol, and help you save a lot of calories.


A lot of people think if eggs causing a heart attack or affect blood cholesterol. In fact, the egg is one of the best foods to lose weight. They are high in protein and healthy fats that make you full faster with limited amount of calories. Because of the dense nutrients, eggs give the body all necessary nutrients (13 vitamins and essential minerals). Studies have found that eggs can help prevent overeating at breakfast compared to the consumption of Bagels. Eggs increases weight loss by suppressing appetite.


Avocados contain healthy fats and high in monounsaturated oleic acid. This is the same fat found in olive oil. Avocados contain lots of water and fiber. Research has shown that the fat content of this fruit is capable of increasing the absorption of beta carotene and carotenoids. Avocados contain potassium, making it as one of the best sources of healthy fats that should be included in your weight loss diet.


Eat oatmeal for breakfast has been proven to have resulted in weight loss. Oatmeal is packed with fiber (11.6 grams per 100 grams of food-) and can make you feel full for a long time. Oats contain beta-glucan that enhances a sense of satiety, thereby preventing you from eating excess.

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