5 Best Lingerie Brands Which are Good For Style and Body as Well

By | June 22, 2019
best lingerie brands

From the graceful mesh and pretty frills to sexy retro, all these types of best lingerie’s are quite enough to attract lingerie lovers. Ladies, who love to feel classy, elegant and luxurious, don’t need any special occasion or reason to buy new lingerie for them. Even shopping for intimate stuff can excite us more than buying a new dress, shoe or bag. If, you’re looking to add on your collection with the best lingerie brands, then don’t go anywhere, we have listed here the top 5 Italian lingerie brands to shop this year. The intimate accessories by top brands not only look great on you but also make you feel luxurious and comfortable like never before. Without further ado, read this ultimate guide for 5 best lingerie brands which are good for style and body as well.

Best Lingerie Brands Which are Good For Style and Body as Well

Legacy Lingerie Brand-Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is quite not a secret for all. It is well-known not only as best lingerie brand but also famous for its bags, cosmetics, athleisure and all those things that make women’s pretty and glamorous.  From day-to-day use to adorned varieties, meshy athleisure to lacy satin bras; Victoria’s secret has everything to satisfy the need of every body types. With a wide range of lingerie styles including sports, loungewear, balconette as well as intimate slips, Victoria’s Secret has become an iconic and one of the most favorite brands of all the lovely ladies around the world.

A Beautiful Italian Innovation-Cosabella

Cosabella itself describes its appropriate meaning, “A Beautiful thing.” Whether you need everyday lingerie or sexy intimate stuff for your special day, Cosabella has all to make you fall in love with.  Well-known for its colorful lacy and sexy sheer, mesh bras and variety of panty styles, Cosabella is on the top of the Most Popular Lingerie Brands in Hollywood. Cosabella not only provides the stylish and comfortable range of lingerie’s but also offers a gorgeous collection of loungewear and apparels made with love and care. Famous Lingerie collection of Cosabella includes Ceylon, Bisou, Soire, Never Say Never, Delight, Rosie and many more. Its huge collection of quality intimate wears can spell bound anyone and there’s nothing wrong to say that Cosabella is one of the best Italian lingerie brands to shop this year.

Best Collections  for Sexy Temptation-Aubade

best lingerie brands - Best Collections  for Sexy Temptation-Aubade

The exceptional and trendy collections of Aubade inspire every woman to lose amidst the greatest luxury and highly sought after intimate wears. Popular for its unique and incredibly made half cup bra, the Aubade brand has a huge range of everyday essentials and special times too. Its variety of intimate stuff has something daring that oozes delicacy and legitimate appeal with its every accessory. Its French styled lingerie collection designed with highly bold and signature feel in mind. Its highly rich and luxurious fabrics portray the unique identity of the brand.

Sumptuous and Elegant-Marks and Spencer

One of the most renowned lingerie brands, Marks and Spencer is quite popular especially for its stylish & elegant bras with utmost pleasure alongside its reasonable prices that fit everyone’s pocket. It has a variety of intimate wears; but its collection of Rosie for Autograph you can’t afford to miss. Its beautifully crafted range of sexy yet delicate collections inspires every woman to emphasize their innate elegance, with an assurance of smooth and comfortable fit.

Bestof Delicate Designs-Ann Summers

Ann Summers, one of the popular lingerie brands in UK, is playing the lead role in the creation of sexy undergarments. It has wide collections of lingerie for every body shape and type. Its colorful, beautiful designs, unique styles and cost-friendly prices are the main reasons behind its popularity. They are also famous for its wide variety of loungewear’s, night apparels and beachwear. Their designs are so unique that are rare to find anywhere else.

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  1. It is not important that the bra and lingerie need always be of the same size, if you are first time wearing a lingerie do not be fret over trying something that might seem you out of size and shape for you. You should always try a couple of new bra and see that are you feeling comfortable in because that is the important and basis of wearing lingerie.
  2. For the beginners, always try and build your wardrobe with a combination and style of both undergarment and lingerie sets. Always prefer comfort and the best taste for yourself.
  3. Never ever shy away from trying any kind over the top as this is something which is very intimate. Prefer yourself first and listen to your body, it it feels good and comfortable please go for it.
  4. The last and most important point to keep in mind while buying a lingerie is the fabric. The material of the lingerie needs to feel silky, smooth and fit well on your skin. Buy the best product for yourself as it’s for YOU!
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