The best way to handle insomnia

By | October 15, 2018
best way to handle insomnia

The best way to handle insomnia – Nearly two thirds of older people in the developed countries fail to meet sleep eight hours per day. A sleep expert from the University of California, Professor Matthew Walker says, driving while drowsy is more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. “Sleep deprivation also affects the fertility of men and women,” said Walker. Walker noted, men who slept only five hours a day had a much smaller testi**cles than those who sleep eight hours or more. Men’s lack of sleep also produces testo**sterone levels as men aged 10 years older than him.

Lack of sleep has also caused some health problems, such as the risk of cancer, memory loss, depression, anxiety, obesity, heart failure, Alzheimer’s, and early death. For those who have trouble sleeping, here is The best way to handle insomnia, according to the expert.

The best way to handle insomnia

Adjust the sleep schedule with consistent.

One of the best ways to train your body to sleep quickly, which is lying in bed. Then wake up the next morning with imposing hours of waking up. To get the schedule, set the time on the alarm clock or cell phone one hour before going to bed. Another trick which is also effective is by developing a routine before going to bed. For example, five minutes before going to bed could do light physical activity with stretch muscles or practicing breathing. Reading books on the bed for 10 minutes before going to bed is also interesting.

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Create A Dark Atmosphere.

A dark atmosphere or room at night when going to sleep can help the release of melatonin, which is a hormone that determines the time of healthy sleep. Dim some lights on in the House, as well as turning off electronic devices an hour before bed is strongly recommended. The atmosphere is Dim or dark, will help sleep more quickly.

Keep The Cool Body Temperature.

Best way to handle insomnia -Keep The Cool Body Temperature

Keep The Cool Body Temperature is the best way to handle insomnia

To release melatonin quickly, the body must lower the temperature. The ideal room temperature for maintaining freshness temperature of the body, that is, around 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. But with the terms, a person dressed in standard sleepwear. Other things that can be done, try a warm bath before going to bed.

Avoid Caffeine and alco**hol After 14.00 O’clock.

When waking up in the morning, adenosine chemicals make the brain create sleep pressure. It makes a person feel more soundly when getting long stayed up. After about 16 hours awake, adenosine caused a sense of tiredness, so your body wants to fall asleep. But caffeine makes matters be otherwise. The longer caffeine inhibits adenosine, then the systems in the body will gradually make someone not feel drowsy. The average influence of caffeine is approximately five to seven hours. That’s why avoid consuming caffeine after two o’clock in the afternoon.

Alco**hol consumption in the evenings is also detrimental to the hours of sleep. Alco**hol may cause some types of sleep disturbances at night. In fact, the alco**hol to be consumed in the evening will largely reduce the memory. Plus, the alco**hol will prevent rapid eye movement (REM) or a dream that required the brain because of the effect on mental health.

Arise Immediately From The Bed After Waking Up.

The human brain is very Adaptive. When spend long enough on the bed after you wake up, then the brain will associate the body to awake. The best way when suddenly awakened from sleep goes into the dim room, and trying to cause drowsiness. Meditation can also be done to provoke drowsiness. For example, breathing exercises can help relax the mind and weakens the nervous system branches that often interfere with insomnia.

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