Blocked Nose At Night: 7 Causes and Treatment

By | February 9, 2020
Blocked Nose At Night

Blocked Nose At Night: Causes and Treatment – Many symptoms of ENT disease, especially the nose can arise and disrupt the life of the sufferer. This problem turns out to make nasal congestion and occurs at night, surely your rest on the night will be very disturbed. If you often experience nasal congestion at night, of course you will be struggling on many nights, right?

The conditions with symptoms like the above are referred to in medical terms of non-allergic rhinitis. This disease always affects the sufferer by giving an uncomfortable feeling at night.

Usually, the disease is caused by injury or pain that may arise due to dry throat. While the trigger can be from a tool that is around you such as an office or home air conditioning.

Not only is it difficult to breathe, nasal congestion, especially at night will interfere with the quality of your sleep. For this to not last long, there are several ways to remove nasal congestion at night, especially during sleep.

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Blocked Nose At Night: The causes

A blocked nose condition occurs when the tissues lining the nasal cavity and blood vessels experience inflammation. Such conditions will impact the swelling of excessive fluid. The following are some of the causes for Blocked Nose At Night, among others:


Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal cavity precisely in the human sinus wall. This inflammation is caused by bacterial or viral infections with symptoms of cough, decreased sense of smell performance, watery nose, headache, fever, and pain.

Cigarette Smoke or dust

A blocked nose can occur when accidentally inhale cigarette smoke or dust. When cigarette smoke or dust is not immediately inhalation, the nose will remove mucus or liquid as a form of self-defense from cigarette smoke or dust.

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The condition of the person affected by asthma will cause the respiratory system to be disrupted. Therefore, it will have an impact on the occurrence of a blocked nose.

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Pregnancy conditions

In pregnant conditions, women often experience symptoms of mild diseases such as flu or colds. Such conditions may also have a blocked nose due to the common cold.


The other cause of blocked nose is the obesity. Because this obesity can suppress the system in the body and disrupt the respiratory system. Therefore, obesity will have an impact on the nasal cure. The condition of obesity is a mistake in managing lifestyle, such as eating irregularly, without balanced exercise, and rarely resting.

Certain medications

The use of wrong or excessive medications can create side effects i.e. A blocked nose. Some types of drugs that cause nasal congestion include thyroid-type drugs, birth control pills, estrogen hormone drugs, calcium-containing drugs, channel blockers or drugs containing beta blockers.


The cause of a blocked nose at night is rare, but we need to understand, that is, tumor. The Tumor is located in the nasal cavity, so it can directly inhibit the respiratory system in the nasal cavity. This condition can be treated by removing the tumor through medical procedures, namely surgery.

Treatment for Blocked Nose At Night

Nasal congestion is one of the symptoms of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, or vasomotor rhinitis. Generally, this one symptom will be worse at night if the beginning is left unchecked.

Thus, it takes a surefire way to relieve nasal congestion during sleep so that your rest is not disturbed.

Drink warm tea

One way of How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose is to drink a warm tea. It is no public secret anymore that warm tea can help the common cold sufferer.

It is evidenced by a study of the journal Rhinology that concludes that drinking warm water can relieve flu symptoms.

Nevertheless, it does not hurt to brew warm tea before bedtime because the tea content is also good for your body.

Choose a tea that does not contain caffeine, such as peppermint tea, chamomile, and ginger tea.

Hot Steam inhales

You can get hot steam from the water you cook until it boils.

The steam will help smoothen your breathing and also treat people suffering from sinus disease.

Compress with warm water

The next way is to wash or compress the nose with warm water.

Prepare a clean towel and warm water. Put the towel into warm water before the compression of the blocked nose. In an instant the fluids that make the nasal congestion will disappear.

Inhale the aroma of oil

You can mix the aroma of oils like peppermint or eucalyptus scent into the water you cook.

Breathe for 20 minutes to overcome your blocked nose at night.


Blocked Nose At Night Treatment

The antioxidant content of garlic helps fight infusion and prevents the anxiety that you experience due to nasal congestion.

Basil leaves

Gather some fresh basil leaves, and chewy in the morning before breakfast.

You will see wonders done by this scented leaf because it can heal your blocked nose at night.

Warming up the body

The next powerful way to cope with nasal congestion is by warming up the body. Warming your own body can be by using a blanket or maybe you can use a jacket at night.

This incident is also common for you who spend the night in places that are too cold and not as usual. Warming up your own body can also be by bath warm water at night, however, for you who are not used to bathing at night, there is no need to do it.

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