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10 Tips to Achieve That Special Glow

 As you earn the badge of maturity, many things are sacrificed along the way. Innocence, idealism, physical and mental agility, dewiness and skin elasticity – these are just some of the collaterals of age. These losses manifest themselves in your appearance. Your eyes no longer shine with the hope of a bright future. Your responsibilities and frustrations stoop… Read More »

Youthful secrets

Youthful secrets, one of them is lying in a natural food consumption and minimal process. The study said that when the body is given the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidant substances, then it will produce collagen as well as maintain skin elasticity. Want to stay young and live longer? Eat right, sleep enough and remain positive being the key.… Read More »

14 Foods to stay young and healthy

Healthy foods affect your skin. People who choose healthy food, will have a youthful skin. Actually, there are many super foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and essential nutrients in the food around us. The ingredients of these nutrients essential for healthy skin and make youthful. Here are the foods to stay young and healthy