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Headache and Nosebleed: 18 Causes, and Home Remedies + Video

Nosebleeds are very common in children. Nosebleeds usually occur when the child is tired or picks his nose too deep. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate this condition. Especially if the nosebleed is accompanied by headaches. What are some causes of headache and nosebleed? Causes of headache and nosebleed in children The cause of nosebleeds accompanied by headaches in… Read More »

Beta Blockers For Hypertension: 10 Usage, and Classifications

Beta Blockers For Hypertension: Usage, and Classifications – Beta blockers are one of the most important medicines in the field of cardiovascular. How important, until the invention of the first generation beta blocker (propanolol) was rewarded with the Nobel Prize in 1988. Beta-blockers are drugs that are used to handle a variety of conditions in the heart. Beta… Read More »