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Lung is an important organ that is very important in human life. When a person experiences a problem related to the lungs, breathing will also be interrupted and have problems. This is because the organ serves to pump oxygen to the entire blood vessel. So, when experiencing interference, it can not perform its function properly.


Lung Conditions of COVID-19 Patient

Lung conditions of the patient infected with Coronavirus are apparently not like people with pneumonia or common cold. Many people who are suspected of exposure to Corona Covid-19 have mild symptoms. Some patients experience severe respiratory disease and may need to be treated in intensive care.

5 Lung Tissues In Human and Its Functions

A tissue is a set of cells that have the same shape and function. The tissues in the lungs are epithelium tissue, which is the tissue lining the surface of the organ. The lungs need to be protected because it is one important organ. The lungs are part of the human excretory system and the respiratory system in humans. Here are The Lung Tissues In Human and Its Functions

Black Lung: 3 Types, Causes, and Symptoms

Black Lung is a lung disease caused by the long-term inhalation of coal dust. This disease is also known as pneumoconiosis coal workers, can occur in two forms, namely Simple and complicated. The simple type is usually mild, while the type of complicated can be fatal. Coal burning dust will release a number of pollutants such as SO2,… Read More »