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The best way to handle insomnia 5/5 (1)

The best way to handle insomnia – Nearly two thirds of older people in the developed countries fail to meet sleep eight hours per day. A sleep expert from the University of California, Professor Matthew Walker says, driving while drowsy is more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. “Sleep deprivation also affects the fertility of men and women,” said… Read More »

Which sleeping position is better: On the Left side or Right side? 5/5 (2)

The position of sleep can affect your health. Choose the position of the sleep that will both improve sleep quality and you will get the benefit of its health. Instead, bad sleeping position will culminate in fatigue, sleep disorders, headaches, heartburn, and back pain. Well, there’s all kinds of good sleep position you apply for, one is inclined… Read More »

How To Prevent Bad Dreams

Sleep is one of the human biological needs. Sleep is supposed to be one of the situations of transition from waking (consciousness) to the natural unconscious, which is convenient, fresh when we return waking from sleep. Especially when we sleep with beautiful dreams, of course we awoke will fresher. But what it turns out to happen otherwise? Break… Read More »