Causes of excessive night sweats

By | November 7, 2018
Causes of excessive night sweats

Causes of excessive night sweats – Usually the night air is cold enough and cool, but you often sweat. Can be sweat that come out at night not because of the hot air. It is because there are some things that often occur in the body. Rupert Mason, Here are a few things causes of excessive night sweats.

Causes of excessive night sweats

Diseases and medications.

Night sweats may be related to disease or drugs are being consumed. This type of the disease is most often associated is viral infections such as respiratory tract infections or influenza. Infections cause increased body temperature that triggers sweating. Sometimes night sweats can be a sign of a more serious illness such as diabetes.

If you are worried about the state of excessive sweat, it’s good to immediately consult a doctor in order to be immediately known cause. Including if you were consuming drugs that have side effects of antidepressant medications such as night sweats, immediately ask your doctor about it.

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Stress is probably one of the causes of night sweats are most common. You can help manage stress and anxiety with healthy habits such as relaxation and breathing techniques. Yoga, running, reading or meditation can also help to relieve stress.


Causes of excessive night sweats - Exercise

Exercise is one of the causes of excessive night sweats

When you exercise, your body creates heat in the body and will gradually disappear. However, if you increase a stronger workout, the body cannot release the heat while you are still active. The heat will be lost when you stop exercising or when you sleep. This is a particular problem for professional athletes. So, stay tuned to exercises, but don’t be too overdo the body.

The Mattress Was Not Comfortable.

Some of the mattresses were created to provide comfort but air circulation in it did not go well. It makes the mattress feels hot and humid. In addition, the use of plastic sheet can also lead people to feel the heat at night. There are some simple solutions to help you feel cooler, for example, use a lighter blanket or Pajamas with a great ingredient for sensitive skin. Select also the bed linen with a nice, soft and not hot.


Consuming too much alco**hol can cause excess sweating at night. Alco**hol affects the central nervous system, circulatory system, and almost every part of your body. Alco**hol can increase Your heart rate and widen the blood vessels in the skin. It can trigger excess sweat.