Cereal or pizza. Which is healthier?

By | March 24, 2020
Cereal or pizza

Although often skip breakfast actually needs, so that we are ready to live the day. We tend to choose a simple menu that is easily created to start the day. Of different types of breakfast, one of which is often chosen is cereal. In addition to easy also does not take a long time. Want to start your day with a nutritious diet? Definitely confused want breakfast whole wheat bread with peanut butter or a bowl of cereal with fresh white milk. Wait, but unlike dieticians, Chelsey Amer who suggested to breakfast with a slice of pizza. Is it safe to breakfast with a slice of pizza? Cereal or pizza. Which is healthier?

Chelsey revealed that the number of calories contained in a piece of pizza is almost equal to the number of calories is there in a bowl of cereals plus milk. However, a slice of pizza contains a much larger protein, which will keep you full all morning, Chelsey actually admitted that pizza is not healthy enough, but she said that a piece of pizza is better than a bowl of sugar.

He said the pizza has more fat and sugar content is much less than for cereals. So that it is able to prevent hunger longer and prevent the emergence of a sugar crash quickly. Sugar crash comes up when we eat a lot of sugar so high content of glucose in the blood and causes an excess of energy that make feeling happy. But it only lasted about 30 minutes and the body will enter a sugar crash, in which the body will produce large amounts of insulin to reduce sugar levels in the blood. The rise and fall of sugar dramatically is making the body weak, lethargic, or fatigue.

Cereal or pizza

Cereal or pizza

Although Amer said a healthier pizza than protein, but dieticians of Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, Melissa Rifkin, said this was still not enough to start the day. She said, the pizza will be healthier if given the extra cheese, whole wheat, and more vegetables.
Whole grain tacos given scrambled eggs, vegetables, and avocados can be an option. In addition to fewer contain sugar, foods like these are also rich in fiber and protein.

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But this is opposed by other diet experts from New York City, Keri Fans that bowl of cereal remains healthier than a slice of pizza. As long as the right in choosing a nutritious cereal for breakfast. Cereal really can be a means to obtain essential nutrients to start your day properly. If you choose the right cereals are packed with fiber, this can help to lower cholesterol and control blood sugar.

According to Keri, the key is an extra in a bowl of cereal. Milk can be substituted with fruits, nuts, or yogurt. No doubt this will be better than a slice of pizza.

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