Dermacol make-up cover – Not just for Hollywood actors

By | July 9, 2018
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Contains fifty percent pigments, which make it a weapon against skin imperfections. Dermacol Makeup cover offers thin layers excellent coverage and is the best corrector for awful spots, dark eye issue and skin blemishes. It fully covers, acne, varicose, sun spots, loss of pigmentation, post scaring and bruising, tattoos. It may be used on the full body or face for color correction, lightening or darkening the skin tones, and ensuring perfect balance. It is largely used as an expert make-up for film shoots or photo, and modeling.

How it works

The clinically  proof, full covering, concealer cream was made as the first of its kind in Europe. The license for this make-up cover was finally sold to USA film industry for film making. It contains fifty percent pigments.


  • For all skin types
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Preservative-free
  • Sun protection
  • Full coverage

How to apply

Softly tap the make-up onto your skin with make-up sponge or finger. Apply the Dermacol make-up cover slowly by first using a little quantity and then include as required until all skin issues are covered. (The make-up cover has a top consistency and offers full coverage. So, it is vital to apply the make-up evenly).


Dermacol make-up cover offers amazing coverage with a natural-looking finish for your full body and face. Your skin will be well balanced and have a velvety matte look.


  • The item can be applied as a regular foundation or in cinematic/expert settings to cover tattoos and other skin spots. Anyway, it may cause skin problem sometimes.
  • The producer also sells worldwide.
  • 30 SPF of protection is added as a part of the product
  • At $15 per tube, the item is a reasonable price matched to other foundation.

Low price

A low price should forever raise suspicion! The genuine make-up cover costs between EUR 10 and 15. It depends on the market and shop where you purchase it. Forever check that you are buying from an authorized reseller and do not worry to ask for more information before buying. Your health is more vital than saving money.


Dermacol makeup cover is the best foundation that was made with the needs of photography, cinema, and beauty industry in mind. As such, ordinary customers may find that it covers up their skin blemishes pretty well. Because of the ranges in shades, the foundation is perfect for different skin tones. Anyway, it contains ingredients which cause skin annoyance.  The list of ingredients is not readily accessible for customers to browse on its official site.

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