Does Sugar Feed Cancer Cells?

By | June 9, 2020
Does Sugar Feed Cancer Cells

You’ve probably asked Does Sugar Feed Cancer Cells? Does making it grow faster? Or eliminating sugar can make cancer cells hunger or prevent their growth. Is that statement true?

Does Sugar Feed Cancer Cells?

The claim that sugar gives food to cancer cells is true in a narrow sense, and may seem daunting. But of course, this is not entirely true.

The reality is that in addition to cancer cells, sugar also gives food to most cells in the body which is very important for our daily activities.

The simplest form of sugar is single-molecule sugar, such as glucose and fructose. This can jointly form more complex sugars such as table sugar (sucrose).

All carbohydrates also contain sugar. That is, the food we think is not sweet-like potatoes, pasta, grains-eventually digested into simple sugars in our body.

Sugar plays an important role in encouraging body cells. Glucose, either directly eaten or the gastrointestinal outcome of carbohydrates, is essential for cell function.

This is the key to the truth about sugar and cancer concerns. True, sugar gives food to cancer cells.

But sugar is the same fuel for all other cells in our body.

Our bodies cannot dictate which cells send energy and which cells are not.

What happens if you stop sugar intake?

After knowing Does Sugar Feed Cancer Cells, So what happens if you stop sugar intake?

Stopping sugar from reaching to cancer cells also means that your body’s healthy cells will lack sugar need.

It could make you lose weight. Will make your immune system less efficient and the likelihood of cancer will actually develop.

More than that, our body is smart, that is to have another way to get glucose.

Even if we try to cut sugar intake, our body will convert fats and proteins into glucose if needed.

How do cancer cells grow?

Although sugar gives food to cancer cells, the picture of how cancer cells grow is much more complicated than that.

There is strong evidence that some cancer cells also get food from amino acids (protein blocks) or lipids (substances including fats and oils). These food sources are used as metabolic fuels that power the process that cells need, and as raw materials to build new cells, the same as happens with sugar.

But they also have secondary goals, helping cancer cells protect themselves from chemical damage. It’s a complex picture. Different types of cancer cells use different fuel sources at different times. But it is, reflecting the direction of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

How sugar feed and grow cancer cells

Sugar may be delicious eaten, who does not like donuts, candy, ice creams and so forth that has a sweetness? Sugar does require the body as a source of energy because it contains carbohydrates, but the consumption also needs to be limited, because too much sugar can instead invite many diseases of the body.

And the worse, sugar is not only the risk of causing overweight and diabetes mellitus, but it is also secretly helping the growth of cancer cells. 

Scientists have learned about the relationship of sugar with different types of cancer. A study from Sweden found that people who drink two or more servings of soda and a variety of other sweet drinks per day have a greater risk of having bile and bile duct cancer than those who never drink soda.

Sugar, of course, can not distinguish  which body cells are good and which cells are abnormal, and in the end, unintentionally also give food intake on abnormal cell cancer to grow. Eating too much sugar can make the body produce more growth hormone (IGF) which is apparently preventing the death of the body’s cells.

And because it can not distinguish which cells are healthy and cells of the disease, then this IGF hormone also participates in protecting the cancerous cells from dying and thus helping to grow the abnormal cells of cancer. As a result, cancer cells remain growing and growing. This is where the sugar weakness.

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