Dog Has Bad Breath: Causes and 7 Ways How To Overcome It

By | November 24, 2019
Dog Has Bad Breath: Causes and 7 Ways How To Overcome It 1

Dog Has Bad Breath is caused by problems around the mouth and problems in the body organs. To know the root of the problem can be done simple tests. If the smell comes from the mouth of the dog like saliva smell means there is a problem in the dog’s mouth. The next test by closing the dog’s mouth and inhaling the smell of the breath released from the dog’s nose. If the breath from this nose odor, then the problem of bad breath comes from the body that means there is a troubled body organ.

Dog Has Bad Breath Causes.

The most common cause of bad breath in dogs is gum disease. This is due to the buildup of plaque and tartar which makes the gums reddish, inflamed and bloody. Food particles left in the mouth after a meal can be a place to breed for bacteria and can trigger plaque formation on the teeth. Then the salivating plaque will form tartar.

Small breed dogs, such as the French Bulldogs, are more prone to such problems than big breed dogs because their dental structures are more tight. In certain cases, bad breath can also be caused by disease in other body, such as digestion, respiratory or kidney diseases.


Dog Has Bad Breath Causes

The cause of breath odor due to tooth damage or disease in the gums is many experienced by dogs aged over 3 years. As we know, dogs don’t brush their teeth on a daily basis like humans. In fact, the dog will instinctively cleanse his teeth by shivering something that is chewy and hard like bones, cartilage, gravel of tripe and so forth obtained from the prey of the results.

However, dogs that are cared by humans, especially living in urban areas are difficult to get something that can be used to clean their teeth. It is also thought by humans by creating various bones, snacks, toys and so forth that can used by dogs to clean their teeth.

Reputable dog food manufacturers like Pedigree create a special ingredient snack and specially designed to be able to clean the dog teeth. In addition to snack, Pedigree also designed the shape of the food so that it can clean the teeth when the food is chewed by the dog.

Dogs who love dry dog food and always fed a dental cleanser routinely from an early age can indeed reduce the risk of tooth damage up to 70%. But it cannot relieve dog teeth from tooth decay which may cause unpleasant odor due to tooth decay can be caused by other things such as antibiotic use over a long period of time thus damaging the dental enamel.

Dogs that are fed with natural foods such as meats, eggs, or dairy products that contain amino acids are severely at risk of damage to the tooth such as plaque or tartar growth, which may cause unpleasant breath as the amino acids contain sulfur that can damage the teeth.

In addition to food, humid weather can also increase the growth of fungi and bacteria causing odor in the oral cavity. This speeds up the growth of plaque and tartar in dogs, causing an unpleasant odor, especially in dogs aged over 1 year.

How To Overcome Dog Has Bad Breath

  • Replace the food with a meal that does not cause smell in the dog’s mouth, such as dry food.
  • Keep the dog’s mouth cavity clean by often brushing its teeth. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly so that the teeth are free of plaque that can cause bad breath
  • Give your dog a special spray to eliminate bad breath in dogs
  • Give hard-textured snacks or bones to clear its teeth
  • Give your dog a Kennels Favorite Pastilles Eucalyptus & Mint that can remove bad breath
  • Check your dog to the vet to perform a complete check routine, including oral cavity screening.
  • When the buildup of plaque on dog teeth has much even formed tartar, immediately do scaling the dog teeth on the veterinarian

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