14 Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer That Woman Must Know

By | May 20, 2020
Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer are often not recognized because these symptoms resemble other health conditions. Ovarian cancer itself is actually commonly attacking the ovaries which have the development of abnormal cells.

Ovarian cancer develops very rapidly even in the early stages, and advanced stage can occur in just one year. It takes the thoroughness and watchfulness of the body’s progression for at least a month to truly recognize it.

The Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer should be observed to avoid getting worse. Moreover, ovarian cancer is a fairly common reproductive organ disease. You can deal with it by recognizing the various risk factors.

Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer

The symptoms of early-stage ovarian cancer are actually rarely realized, or do rarely cause specific symptoms. Generally, the signs and symptoms of early stage ovarian cancer cannot be detected easily.

Even, a few doctors misdiagnose these early stage ovarian cancer symptoms. This relates to the symptoms of early-stage ovarian cancer that resembles other health conditions.

Here are the Early stage ovarian cancer symptoms

Abdominal or pelvic pain

A Gynecologist from Moffitt Cancer Center, Mitchel Hoffman, MD, mentions that pain in the abdominal or pelvic area is a sign that ovarian cancer has spread.

Yes, ovarian cancer is one type of cancer that can metastasize or spread to other areas. This cancer can spread to the pelvis, upper abdomen, intestines, and diaphragm.

In addition, ovarian cancer can also cause fluid formation in the stomach called ascites. This condition also often causes pain on the sufferer.

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Abdominal size grows in short time

The most common symptom of ovarian cancer is the increase in the size of the stomach that lasts very quickly. For example, you should be vigilant if you suddenly have an increase in the size of your stomach in one week.

The addition of a very fast abdominal size can be one of the earliest signs of ovarian cancer. This is often confused with the usual weight gain due to the accumulation of fat in the stomach. In fact, the increase of abdominal size that lasts suddenly can happen because of the pile of fluid in the stomach.


Excessive nausea, even until unwilling to eat at all suddenly is one of the earliest signs of ovarian cancer.

This is because when ovarian cancer is spreading, your bowel work and digestive organs can also be affected. If all are uncontrollable, You can also have nausea and want to vomit, as well as decreased appetite.

If this condition occurs, then your belly may already have less space than usual. This condition occurs because there is a tumor that grows or there is a buildup of excess fluid.

Always bloating and constipation

Note, if you often suddenly experience bloating and constipation unexpectedly. Ovarian cancer can make your experience both.

The effect arises due to impaired bowel function.

When in normal conditions, the intestines have muscles that can push food. When there is cancer that forms on the outer surface of the intestine, when the ovarian cancer has spread, the muscle function is also reduced.

As a result, your reproductive organ work system decreased and there were bloating and constipation for a long time.

Increased Pee frequency

The emergence of tumors in the ovaries makes the bladder pushed. This also makes the bladder capacity even less than usual.

Gradually, the bladder will become more fast feeling full and the frequency of the pee will be increased.

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Faster feeling full

Another sign of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer is that we become much easier to feel full. Although not much to eat, the sufferer will feel their stomach full and no longer be able to enter the food.

This fast feeling of satiety comes from the pressure of the liquid that presses the stomach. As a result of this, the stomach of the sufferer becomes felt full when not much eating. If left unchecked, it will also cause nutritional deficiencies due to lack of food that enters the body because of the fast sense of fullness coming.

These signs are known to occur in cancers that are already entering the advanced type. Therefore, it does not hurt if you start to feel alert and consult a doctor immediately if you experience this.

Other symptoms

Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer - Always feel tired
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Always feel tired
  • Significant decline or weight gain occurs without notice
  • Shortness of breath
  • Frequent headaches
  • Back pain
  • Indigestion
  • Menstrual period Changes

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