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By | August 8, 2018
Easy way to build arm muscle

Many men yearn to have athletic body, especially the arms are muscular and flat stomach. Don’t just dream to have the arms muscular and looks strong. Simply get rid of laziness and practice some of the movement to bring up arm muscles. Here are five easy way to build arm muscle

Easy way to build arm muscle

  • Curls.

This movement can shape the arm muscles with the help of barbells or dumbbells. For starters, start by choosing a light load. Position the barbells on both sides of the body, and then move the load towards the chest. When moving a load, do not move your elbows and make sure the elbows remain at the side of the body.

Do this movement as much as 12 times. In addition, this movement can be varied with other curls. The trick with the bend of the elbow, and then pull the load upward (toward the chest), repeat as many as 12 times.

  • One-leg rear-delt raise.

Use a barbell weighing 2-3 kilograms, then position it on the next body. Position the body is standing with hand stretch out to the side while carrying a load. Then lift one leg back while the body bends forward. Hold straight parallel body position from head to leg lifted. Then down-raise your arms like a bird’s wing of the movement 10-15 times. Then, repeat with the other foot.

  • Push up.

The motion of the push up is one of the most common sports movement is done. Not only can burn calories, it turns out is also one way of raising the arm muscles effectively. Pus up is one of Four Methods of Inexpensive Exercise.

  • Lift your arms and legs in the opposite direction.

Kneel down on the mattress, with the position of the hands touch the floor parallel to the shoulders and knees parallel to the hips. Then lift your left leg straight back, and lay the right arm straight ahead. Hold for five seconds, and then do the same movement with your right leg and left arm. Do it 15 times each.

  • Triceps down dog.

Position the body like when doing a plank, i.e. both palms and toes touching the floor, and both elbows bent to support the body in a straight position. Then raise your hips while keeping the position of the second leg and arm straight. When raising your hips so your feet touch the floor. Hold a few seconds, then return the position of the body like when you do a plank. Repeat this movement 10 times.

In addition to training the muscle strength, the above exercises are also helpful in lowering risk of chronic disease, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain, and even depression. Don’t forget to balance it by eating healthy foods and keeping the healthy life patterns.

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