Eating healthy during the holidays TRICKS

By | December 25, 2017
Eating healthy during the holidays

Many people took time off for rest during the Christmas and new year holidays. When the holiday season, some women unable to control their food which caused the weight goes up after the holiday is over. Not only that, the food consumed are also poorly maintained. How to Eating healthy during the holidays TRICKS? You may also read about How to avoid weight gain on vacation.

Assorted fried and sweets foods into the main menu sought during the holidays. Unhealthy foods with minimal nutrition is one of the known causes of stress and depression. Therefore reduce excessive consumption even in the holidays. The following tricks keep eating healthy so that the scales do not ride and control food during the holiday season.

Eating healthy during the holidays TRICKS

  • Always Provide Vegetable Salad.
Eating healthy during the holidays

Eating healthy during the holidays

Provide vegetable salad for lunch. Vegetable salads can glut. You can replace vegetable made into salads. Not have to many, made to taste only. Moisture content in vegetables keep you hydrated and get rid of the nausea because of the food.

In addition, vegetables are also rich in fiber that helps digestion and get rid of toxins through the dirt. Nutritional content in vegetables can be directly used the body to perform the function of the organ so that the body’s performance is lighter.

  • Do not Go Hungry

According to nutrition experts, when the stomach too starved automatically You want to consume foods that are high in fat, oil, and sweet. Therefore do not let your stomach hunger. You can work around this by providing an afternoon snack. Afternoon snacks are also prevent you from overeating at night. A handful of toasted almonds, wheat crackers, or dried fruit. But still limit the portions, not too much.

  • Cook It Yourself.

Did not rule out you eat more foods that contain lots of sugar, salt and fat in the morning during the holiday season. Therefore, try to create your own food at least for dinner. Intend to process food in a healthy way. You can treat baked chicken breast without roasted, boil potatoes, and cook red rice and stir-fry vegetables. Cooked food is more healthy than buying outside.

Thank you very much for reading Eating healthy during the holidays TRICKS, hopefully useful.

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