6 Global Environmental Issues and Causes

By | June 2, 2020
Environmental Issues

Environmental issues in the world are getting more and more important to find a solution immediately. What are the list of environmental problems, and the causes that are important for us to know? This article will try to discuss it for you.

Environmental issues are increasingly becoming a public consciousness. This is evidenced by the growing number of public discussions on this matter. Countries are also increasingly actively making agreements and regulations between countries to overcome various problems that exist. However, what are the environmental problems we face today?

Environmental issues and causes

Here are the environmental issues in the world and it causes. If these environmental problems are not seeking solutions, then the sustainability of human life on Earth will be alarming. This is because nature is the source of fulfillment of all needs of human life, namely providers of air, water, food, medicine, aesthetics, and others. Natural damage means the same as the carrying capacity of human life.

Environmental issues and the causes that we face today are as follows:

Global warming or Climate Change

Global warming is the process of increasing the average temperature of the atmosphere, sea, and Earth’s land. Global warming is becoming an advanced global issue related to the environment where pollution and destruction of the environment are regarded as a contributing factor to the loss of the natural nature of the Earth due to global warming. The world also realized to make a hard effort considering the growing existence of life.

It is estimated that each year is released 18.35 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (18.35 million of these carbon dioxide tonnes are equal to 18.35 X 1012 or 18.350.000.000.000/kg of carbon dioxide). When the atmosphere is increasingly rich in greenhouse gases, it increasingly becomes an insulator that holds more heat from the sun emitted to the earth. This is called the greenhouse effect.

Air pollution

CO2 emissions continue to overload the environment. After the Industrial Revolution, human activity, especially from the burning of fossil fuels is the largest contributor of air contamination. The WHO reported about 10 percent of death cases in 2012, was the result of the impact of air pollution-induced illness. 


Illegal logging and deforestation of tropical forests now occur at a frightening pace. Every year an average of 7.3 million hectares of forests is cleared, to be used as settlements, large plantation land, and other monoculture farms. The forest functions as green lung and CO2 storage drops drastically and the impact is wider.

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Ozone Layer Depletion

Environmental Issues - Ozone depletion

Depletion of the ozone layer: in the stratosphere layer of ultraviolet radiation effect, CFC degrades and liberates Clenbuterol atoms. Clenbuterol will accelerate the reduction of ozone into oxygen gas. In addition to the greenhouse effect, and several other atoms containing bromide such as metal ipratropium bromide and Halon also contribute to the increase of ozone breakdown.

Impact for living beings: more melanoma skin cancer cases that can lead to death, increase the case of cataract in the eye and eye cancer, inhibit human immune, decreased production of the corn plants, etc., rising air temperature and death in wild animals.


The population of the planet reaches an unsustainable level due to the shortage of resources such as water, fuel and food. The explosion of populations in developed and developing countries continues to cause the carnation of resources. Intensive agriculture that aims to increase food production by using pesticides precisely eventually raises new problems. The damage was decreased soil quality and human health.

Depletion of natural resources

The use of fossil fuels such as petroleum is responsible for creating global warming and climate change. Globally, starting many people is starting to switch using renewable resources, such as solar power, biogas, solar energy cars, which are applied by developed countries.

Although in the short term, the installation of this environmentally friendly technology facility will look quite expensive, but in the long run it will be very cheap compared to the use of fossil energy and not renewable.

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