6 Fluid In Lungs Treatment Natural

By | January 12, 2020
6 Fluid In Lungs Treatment Natural 1

Fluid In Lungs Treatment Natural – Pulmonary Edema is gathered or stack liquids in the lung organs. These liquids are collected in the airbags, making you difficult to breathe. This health disorder occurs due to heart problems, but there is another thing that causes a person to be attacked by pulmonary edema.

The disease is prone to attacking the elderly and rarely occurs in young people. In addition to breathing difficulty, other symptoms appear like fatigue, anxiety, pale skin, excessive sweating, legs and stomach swelling, to loss of consciousness. In acute conditions, other symptoms that need to be wary of chest pain, palpitations or irregular heartbeat, to the shortness of breath.

Pulmonary edema symptoms

And these are some of the symptoms of pulmonary edema are as follows:

  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Decreased levels of consciousness.
  • Swelling of the legs or stomach.
  • Feel restless or tired.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • The skin becomes pale.
  • Feel suffocated or drowned.
  • Coughing up blood and phlegm.
  • Irregular fast heartbeat.

Causes of excessive fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema)

Cardiogenic causes (originally from the heart):

Congestive heart failure, excess fluid caused by intravenous therapy, rhythm and heartbeat too quickly or slowly (arrhythmia), as well as cardiac arrest due to the left ventricle failing to function.

Non-Cardiogenic (not derived from the heart):

Renal failure, ingestion of aspirin in excessive doses, severe seizures, intracranial bleeding, acute respiratory distress syndrome, being in the highland, the consumption of he**roin in high doses, pleural effusion, inhaling toxic gases, severe chest injuries, and lung aspiration (reflux of gastric fluid into the lungs through the throat), heavy infections.

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Fluid In Lungs Treatment Natural

Here are the Fluid In Lungs Treatment Natural:

Drinking tea containing diuretics

The first way is to drink tea. But, not just any drink but a diuretic tea. Like nettle and chicory tea.

This drink serves to reduce the symptoms and characteristics of problematic lung, which is mineral content in the body. Then it will be discarded through sweat or urine. For this reason, a diuretic tea can cope with pulmonary edema.

However, consuming this drink should not be careless. Must be the knowledge of doctors. The reason is, the condition of edema must be examined first. This is to minimize complications.

Eating antioxidant foods

The next way is to consume foods that contain antioxidants. In addition to preventing the inclusion of bacteria into the lungs, this intake to cause a relaxing effect on the organ.

Food worth consuming is grape seed extract. Because, according to botanical research, this fruit contains 360 mg of antioxidant substances greater than bilberries.


Fluid In Lungs Treatment Natural - Acupuncture

The next natural drug of pulmonary edema is acupuncture. This method of Chinese origin is done by probing the needle to certain parts of the body to remove toxins from the body. In addition, acupuncture makes blood flow throughout the body can become smoother.

Massage Therapy

Gentle massage is able to stimulate blood flow and secrete fluid from certain body tissues in order to return to the lymph and blood. The type of massage that can be done is Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) or Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) which helps to smooth the performance of the lymph system and strengthens the immune. Ask the doctor about this massage therapy further.

Change Lifestyle

You must change your lifestyle to be healthier. Lose weight If you are obese, limit salt intake to prevent the complications of hypertension, quit smo**king because it makes pulmonary edema worse. Don’t forget also to exercise regularly to boost your immune system.

Reduce salt consumption

For people with pulmonary edema and bronchitis characteristics, it is better to reduce salt consumption. Although this spice contains anti-bacterial substances, but if excessive it triggers the minerals into the tissues of the organ.

To get certainty about the body’s need for salt, please consult a physician. Later you will get information about it. Suggestions, adjust the consumption of salt to the provisions that have been obtained.

Thank you very much for reading Fluid In Lungs Treatment Natural, hopefully useful.

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