Inexpensive Exercise
Inexpensive Exercise (Image: Pixabay)

Four Methods of Inexpensive Exercise

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Keeping the health is needed to avoid dangerous disease. An essential way to keep healthy is by doing exercise. Exercise is not always on the expensive way, such as using the gym facility which needs a lot of money. Yet, people also can do inexpensive exercise without spending a lot of money. They can do it wherever and whenever they want.

It is also necessary to do warm up first before doing the exercises below in order not to get cramps. The methods of warming up are various depended on the duration of exercise, but the common warming up is by doing run about 5 minutes. Afterward, here are the four methods of inexpensive exercise.

1.    Sit-up

The first method is sit-up. Maybe sit-up is very popular among people. But usually, there are some people who are doing it wrong. The false method to do sit-up is using neck to pull the body. Why is it dangerous? Because it can affect the neck muscle and ended injury. Afterward, here are the correct ways to do sit-up.

a.    Position
Prepare the mattress which is not too soft and not too hard. Lie down on that mattress and relax the body muscle, especially on the neck. After that, bend the knee joint by 90-degrees and grab the backside of the neck or head using hand palm. Remember, use the abs and all body instead of neck muscle when doing sit-up.
b.    Movement
The correct movement is using upper body, especially stomach instead of neck or head to lift the body until head almost touched the pelvis. The speed of the movement is not too fast, in fact, the slower the better. For the further description, look at the picture below.


The maximum degree between the mattress and body is 30-degree. So it is better not to surpass the limit degrees. Focus the movement of the stomach in order to increase the size of abs. The head must be straight when lifting the body up. And the important point is, do not use head to lift the body up.
c.    Breathing Technique
And now is the time to know the breathing technique of sit-up. Breathing when dropping the body off, and exhaling when lifting the body up. That is because when dropping the body off, there is the right time of lungs to get oxygen, and otherwise. It also gets the benefits of burning calories.
d.    Duration
The duration of sit-up depended on the condition of the body. Commonly the frequency is about 10-15 times in a row, and after that, taking a rest for 30 seconds. Do it approximately 2 to 3 rows. The slower the better to gain lactic acid then burning the fat on the body.

2.    Push-up
Push-up is the easy-to-do exercise which is not needed any material or facility. The benefits of push-up are gaining the triceps and biceps. Doing push-up also makes the benefit of abs. There are several ways to do push-up, those are:

a.    Position
The correct position of push-up is in prone position. Palm-hand is touching the ground vertically with the chest. And the eyes are watching the ground. Every part of the body includes legs is straight. Those are the common position of push-up.
b.    Movement
The movement of push-up is very simple. Use the strength of biceps and triceps to lift the body up. When lifting the body up, straighten the hand until the upper body is higher than the lower body. For the specific movement, look at the picture below.

Push-up (Ilustrasi/pixabay)

When lifting the body up, legs and buttock must be in straight position. Commonly for the beginners, the buttock is higher than the body, that condition is not correct. The foothold is on the heel. So the contraction happens to calves, thighs, hips, waist, back, abdomen, neck, arms, and chest. Do it slowly in order to get the maximum benefits.
c.    Breathing Technique
The breathing technique is similar with sit-up. Breathing when dropping the body off, and exhaling when lifting the body up. The abs will increase optimally when doing that breathing technique. It is good to get the sense of breathing and feel the oxygen enter your lungs.
d.    Duration
The duration depends on the endurance. For the beginners, it is better to do push-up 10-15 times, then take a rest for about 30 seconds, that is one row. Do it for 2 rows until 3 rows per day. But for experienced people, it is better to increase up to 30 times in a row. Do it slowly and regularly every day to get maximum benefits.

3.    Pull-up
The third way is doing pull-up. Maybe for this one needed kind of vertical pool in order to pull the body up. And it is hard for beginners to do it. But usually there is a vertical pool at the park or garden, yet it can be built for regular exercise every day. The methods are little tricks and needed safety under the vertical pool. Here are the ways to do pull-up.

a.    Position
Grab the vertical pool using palm-hand and all of the body is straight to the ground. Give some space between palm-hand. Before doing the movement, relax the body in order to not get cramps or muscle ache.
b.    Movement
The movement is actually simple. First of all, pull the body up until the head passing the vertical pool. The position of the hand is approximately 30 degrees between upper hand and lower hand. To be exact, watch the picture below.

Pull-up (Ilustrasi/pixabay)

It is described that the movement is looked easy. But, to do this movement needed a lot of energy and the power of triceps and biceps. Pull-up is the right exercise in order to build muscle on the backside of the body.
c.    Breathing Technique
Once again, the breathing technique is similar with sit-up and push-up. On the starting point or when the body is still not lifting up, take a deep breath. Afterward, exhale when lifting the body up.
d.    Duration
The duration of doing pull-up is 10 times in a row. Resting time is about 30-seconds until 1-minute. And for the experienced people, the duration is 20-times in a row in order to pass the muscle test. Do it 2 until 3 rows per day to get the optimal benefits.

4.    Chair Dips
The fourth exercise is chair dips which just use a chair as the tool. This exercise focuses on triceps and abs. But, people usually misunderstand about the essential of dips. They think that dips exercise doesn’t have any benefit. In fact, there are lots benefits when doing dips especially chair dips. The ways to do chair dips are stated below.

a.    Position
First things first, prepare the tool which is just needed one chair with the height not over half-meter. And then, stand in front of the chair with the back position. Afterward, grab the chair for the distance as wide as the shoulders. The position of the feet is straight.
b.    Movement
The movement of chair dips is simple yet need lots energy to do it. First, lift the body up using shoulders, triceps, and abs simultaneously. After that, drop the body off, which is the backside of the body is in a straight position.
The key is using shoulder, triceps, and abs which are working simultaneously. For the safety matter, take the chair patching on the wall in order not to get common accident such as falling the chair down.
c.    Breathing Technique
The breathing technique is exactly the same as sit-up, push-up, and pull-up. Take a deep breath when lifting the body up. And then, exhale when dropping the body off. That technique strengthens the lung capacity.
d.    Duration
The common durations of chair-dips are 10 times to 15 times in 3 until 5 rows. Among rows is needed, rest for about 30-seconds until 1-minute. Do it every day and get the benefits.


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