18 Causes of Frequent Urination Men

By | July 22, 2019
Frequent Urination Men

Causes of Frequent Urination Men – When the cold air comes or the rainy season arrives, usually men will frequent urination to the toilet. It is quite natural and can be eliminated by making the body warm using a blanket or a warm drink such as tea or hot chocolate.

Do not ignore the complaints of urination more often than usual. The urge to urinate may make you wake up more often during the night, even requiring you to leave the desk because of the need to get into the toilet.

Urination is too often a sign of disease disorder. But, what is the frequency of urination that is considered excessive? According to Benjamin Brucker, the Urologist doctor, if you are in the toilet more than 7 times a day to pee, there must be something wrong.

To the toilet to urinate 2-3 times overnight also need to be wary of, because one can normally sleep soundly during the night without having to wake up to urinate.

The bladder is usually filled with urine as much as 450-500 ml. After a full bladder, the brain will immediately signal to the man to urinate. If delaying urination, the bladder can grow and become inflamed.

Causes of Frequent Urination Men.

Well, if often urination continues to appear despite the hot weather, means there is a disturbance to the health of the bladder. If you often experience like this, try to identify the cause of frequent urination or overactive bladder disorders below.

Overactive Bladder.

One cause of urination is too often is because the bladder is overactive. When the bladder fills with urine, the nerves will send a signal to the brain telling you to urinate. However, if the bladder is overactive, this signal is still transmitted even if the bladder is not full.

The cause of frequent urination or overactive bladder experienced by 11-16 percent males. Usually the natural man of this disorder is those who are elderly. Pros**tate-aged men tend to swell and eventually disrupt the flow of urine out of the body.

Pros**tate cancer.

Frequent urination disorders can also occur due to pros**tate cancer.

Urinary tract infections.

The subsequent cause of frequent urination men’s disorders is the urinary tract infection. Men who rarely keep their health can be exposed to urinary tract infections that make the pe**nis hot and stomach pain.


Frequent urination every day, especially at night so making you often awaken is a sign of diabetes. If the frequent urination disorder is already severe and disruptive activity, try the health check immediately.

A little urine comes out.

Sometimes, a little male urine can be caused because the body is dehydrated. Moreover, a little urine condition can be caused by the urinary tract blockage of pros**tate enlargement.

This problem can also indicate other health conditions. Therefore, when you drink a lot, but the urine is still a little, immediately consult the doctor.

The bladder is blocked by a stone.

Stones in the bladder are generally very different from kidney stones, and are rare. However, if the man has problems with the presence of stone obstruction in the bladder, it is usually due to the presence of content in the male urine that forms the crystals.

The crystals will clot and can obstruct the discharge of urine, so the lining of the bladder can be irritable.

This man’s urinary problems have characteristics such as the presence of blood mixed in urine that comes out, difficult or often urination, abnormal colored urine, and the pe**nis feels uncomfortable.

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Other Causes.

Causes of Frequent Urination Men

In addition to the two things above, the cause of frequent urination can also arise as a result:

  • Constipation
  • Kidney stones.
  • An incorrect Diet
  • Obesity.
  • Taking certain medications
  • Urinary tract Infections.
  • Weak muscles around the bladder.
  • Pros**tate swells.
  • Interstitial cystitis.
  • Difficult to hold urine.
  • Bladder cancer.
  • Urethritis.

Thank you very much for reading Causes of Frequent Urination Men, hopefully useful.

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