8 Most Stylish Hairstyle 50 Year Old Man

By | July 3, 2019
Hairstyle 50 Year Old Man

Most Stylish Hairstyle 50 Year Old Man – Being 50 years old doesn’t suppose to be an obstacle for you to look trendy. With a perfect treatment to your hair and the right choice of hairstyle 50 year old man, you could still show the inner coolness that you got since you were 30. Pair your haircut with a neat beard, so that you could double up your appeal. There’s nothing wrong with gray, it is even needed to reflect the sophistication you had all those ways. Here are the 8 most stylish hairstyles you can choose.

Most Stylish Hairstyle 50 Year Old Man

The Short Caesar

If your hair starts to thinning up especially on the top area, you can opt for the short Caesar hairstyle.  Your hair will be cut using a long clipper or shears and left some short layers. This hairstyle should be started with a guard base and continue to be worn forward. The barber will only use a small amount of styling product to perfect the style.

Long Layers

If your hair has become long and completely gray that it’d be a great head of 50 years old man, then long layered haircut will help you maintain the look of being youthful and hip. It is better for you to use a shampoo that is intended for gray hair. This specific shampoo will care your hair and keep it looks bright.

The Short Crop

This particular hairstyle is the perfect choice for those who want minimum maintenance. The haircut would perfectly suitable for a man who realizes his hair is thinning on the top since it can actually create a camouflage. On the top, your hair will be cut as long as a finger length while the back and the sides will be cut tapered and shorter.

In order to add style, you can use just a small amount of hair cream or paste. This hairstyle will be perfect if you crop your beard short. If you let your beard unkempt, well, it will make you look older though.

The Pompadour

If the hair at your temples is receding a bit, but still have a full hair on the other parts, try to apply the pompadour. This classic option is timeless. This hairstyle 50-year-old man is capable to make you look a mature but still a little edgy. This haircut will let significant length on the top area and blend with a short cut on the sides as well as the back.

The Buzzcut

Most Stylish Hairstyle 50 Year Old Man

This hairstyle is probably the one that let you have no maintenance. Even you can do the haircut at home if you have the right tools, skill and also the nerve. Use the number 4 guard to cut short the top area and number 3 clipper for the job on the back and sides.

Textured Layers

The textured layers hairstyle can be applied for a man whose hair is evenly full head and wanted to add a little more extent. Your hair will be cut in short style all over the head and layers. At the finishing stage, the hair will be styled with a matte paste.

The Classic Taper

The classic taper hairstyle may be one of somehairstyle that will be suitable for every age. Your hair will be tapered and short on the back as well as the sides, then it all should be blended into the longer ones on top. If you comb your hair neat and part some to the side, it will make you look formal and professional. Meanwhile, if you let it loose, you can get a casual look.

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Wavy Shag

The hairstyle 50 year old man doesn’t always about short cut. If your hair is wavy and plenty, you can go for a loose and wavy shag haircut. Your hair will be cut long and loose layers. Use a little bit of style paste and move your fingers for styling. Even though you are a mature man, the hairstyle will support your energetic life.

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