7 Simple and Minimalist Hairstyle for Wedding Day

By | November 30, 2019
Hairstyle for Wedding Day

One of the things that make women get confused in their wedding day is their hairstyle for wedding day. As a bride, you have to choose the best hairstyle that makes you look more charming and beautiful on your special day. Don’t get confused anymore because the list of the hairstyle below can be applied in your happiest moment. All of the styles are easy to apply and you just need to choose based on your character and wedding theme. 

Simple and Minimalist Hairstyle for Wedding Day

Updos Hairstyle 

Some women love to apply something simple but it is attracting enough including their hairstyle. If you are one of those women, you may apply updos hairstyle for your wedding. The best part of applying this model is that you don’t need to do any complicated methods.

Even, it is called an effortless hairstyle. You will look gorgeous with undone hair, a middle part style, and pulled back hair. Despite its simplicity, this hair model creates elegant and glamour appearance. You can add some accessories such as a crown, bridal hair flowers, headpiece or hair vine.

Because of that reason, some famous women including Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle applied this hairstyle whether for their wedding day and their daily activities. It is a great option for women with long hair and wants to look charming in a formal event.   

Soft Waves Hairstyle

Another simple hairstyle for wedding day is the soft waves model. Even it is simpler than updos hairstyle. Soft waves model is a classic hairstyle and it is considered as an endless style. Most brides request to apply this style year by year. The reason is that you can try a lot of variations from this basic style.

Let say, you can polish the hair low and set textured and messy waves hair or pull the hair back behind your ears. Some women often just flick one side over and add a side comb to make their hair looks tidy and eye-catching. Soft wave style is suitable for women who have medium or long hair.

Indeed, women with wavy hair can apply this style and modify it to make the hair looks perfect. This hairstyle is easy to mix and match with additional accessories including a side comb, wedding crown, and earrings. Just try this style if you want to have a minimalist look in your wedding ceremony. 

Textured and Twisted Hairstyle 

It might be a little bit complicated style than the two previous references above but textured and twisted hairstyle is still a popular one. Women love to apply this model because they seem to have thick hair. Moreover, the texture and a little bit of messy hair boost your beauty.

The similarityy between this style and the two styles above is that it creates glamour sensation. That’s why most women ask to apply this model in their wedding day. This is the best option for you who have long hair, curly hair, wavy hair, blonde, and even straight hair. You can add a headpiece, hair vine, or smaller hairpins to boost the elegance and glamour of your hair. 

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Pony Tails Hairstyle  

If you have thick and long hair that might take time to treat during the wedding day, you can just take ponytails hairstyle. This model will manage the volume and texture of your hair well. Some of the hairs are off your face and it makes your looks sexy, beautiful, and elegant.

This is the way to show to the guests that you have beautiful long hair. The ponytails will be the center stage and amazed your guests. That’s why you have to make the ponytail more attracting by adding a veil, sparkle hairpins, and headpiece. It might a little bit messy but it is the art of applying ponytails. Just show to the guests that pony tail hairstyle is not only for casual but also for formal events including a wedding day. 

Low Bun Hairstyle      

Some women with long hair want to look tidy and formal on their wedding day. Instead of exposing their hair, they want to hide and make it simpler. If you have the same idea, a low bun hairstyle is one of the best options. It is a classic style by creating a small bun with the hair.

As a result, your appearance looks simpler and fresher. It is a great hairstyle if you have a long and strong neck. Just make this simple style glowing by adding a pair of small crystal earrings, pearl earrings, and pearl hairpins. For a minimalist wedding theme, you can just add a veil or small comb.     

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Cool-Girl Hairstyle 

You might want to look like Elsa in Frozen movie. The character looks fantastic with the cool-girl hairstyle. It makes you just like a beautiful princess on your wedding day. A cool-girl hairstyle is a perfect option for women with long hair. The simplest option is by braid your hair. Then, add some shiny or glowing accessories such as small pearl or floral hairpins. This hairstyle is simple but it gives a significant impact on your charming or beauty aura, especially after wearing your glamour wedding gown. 

Long, Soft, and Minimal Hairstyle 

If you are typically a simple woman who doesn’t want to use any sophisticated hair treatment, you can just apply long, soft, and minimal hairstyles. In this style, you just let your long hair loose and flow smoothly. It makes your hair look flawless. You don’t have to add any accessories in the hair. One of the best treatments is by adding waves to give texture and volume. 

The point is that you can apply a variety of hairstyles for your wedding. It is better to apply a simple hairstyle based on the character of the hair. Just take the best hairstyle for wedding day and mix it with the right accessories and wedding dress. By applying it, you will be the most beautiful princess in the altar and all guests will be amazed at you. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and confident with your hairstyle. 

Hairstyle for Wedding Day Inspirational Video

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