6 Types of Hairstyle in Braids to Know and Practice

By | April 29, 2019
Hairstyle in Braids

Do you know that the hairstyle in braids is one of the oldest hairstyles in the world? Even, in all countries and areas must have the braid hairstyles recorded in history? Despite to make the women’s appearance look more beautiful, some types of braids also show social status. Of course, in this modern day, there are more ideas of the braid hairstyles that you can follow. Some of the ideas can be applied in casual occasions while some others are for the formal ones. What are they?

Types of Hairstyle in Braids to Know and Practice

Basic Braid Hairstyle

Basic braid hairstyles or known also as the three strand plait is indeed the basic method of hair braiding. It is by dividing your hair into 3 parts and then makes the strand by placing the hair to the right and left in turns. Well, if you want to learn about other types of braid, it seems you must be able to make this one. To make your work easier, make the hair a little bit moist by spraying a little water. Hair serum or vitamin is also recommended to keep it smooth and healthy.

French Braid

French braid or French plait is quite similar to the basic braid hairstyle mentioned above. It is still using 3 parts of the hair that are placed and stacked in turns continuously. The difference is placed on the amount of the hair to take. In the beginning, you only need to take a small amount of the hair and then it is continuously added until the end. Do you remember Lara Croft’s hairstyle in Tomb Raider portrayed by Angelina Jolie? Well, she applies the French braid anyway.

Dutch Braid

Hairstyle in Braids - Dutch Braids
Dutch Braids (Jill Bearup/flickr)

After the French braid, there is also Dutch braid you can try. Both the braids from French and Dutch have a similar technique and the difference is only in the way to strand it. The Dutch braid lets you make the strand starting from the lower part. Therefore, the result is in opposite with the French braid in which the braid is seen inside. Meanwhile, in the Dutch braid, the strand of the braid is looked outside.

Fishtail Braid

This type of hairstyle in braids is called the fishtail braid for the shape that is really similar to the fishtail. The technique applied is different from the basic braid hairstyle since it only needs to divide the hair into two parts. Next, take a little bit of hair remained from the opposite side and then strands it inside continuously. Commonly, for the better and neater result, you need to form your hair into a ponytail first.

Milkmaid Braid

This type of braided hair is believed to be originally coming from somewhere in Europe. However, it is not known from where it exactly is. This braid is quite popular since it was once applied by the artist Frida Kahlo. But to apply it on your hair, you need a really long hair anyway. How to make it? Divide your hair into 2 first and then create a simple basic braid with them. Then, place it around your head just like headband or crown. There are many variations of this braided hair in this modern day.

Four Strand Braids

If you have mastered the basic braid hairstyle, you can try this technique. It is by creating the strand of the braid by dividing your hair into 4 parts. The technique is very good particularly if you want your hair look having more volume. Place the part on others in turns continuously until all parts of your hair are braided up. Similar to the milkmaid braid, the long hair is more recommended for this type of hairstyle in braids.

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