3 Stunning Ideas of the Wedding Hairstyle with Crown

By | June 4, 2019
Hairstyle with Crown

Stunning Ideas of the Wedding Hairstyle with Crown – Is your wedding day only in the near future? If yes, it seems you must start to prepare anything from now. It is including what you will wear and apply to your body. Well, the hairstyle is one of them for sure. Some brides may just love to look simple and modest without too many things on their heads. Meanwhile, some others want to be really outstanding and incredible to make them the truly one-day queen. For the second expectation, it looks like the hairstyle with crown is a really great idea. What are the crown types and hairstyles to accompany them? Here are the ideas.

Wedding Hairstyle with Crown and Updo

If you prefer a classic, fairy tale, and princess-like idea, this one should not be missed out. Yes, the combination of an updo and crown just makes you look like the real queen. It depends on your taste, whether you like the sleek or curly updo the most. The crown applied can be the classical ones; those crowns that are made from metallic or acrylic materials along with their beads, pearls, or even gems. To balance your appearance, it means that the groom must look not less glamorous. This way, you definitely have a royal wedding of your own.

Hair down Idea with Crown

Wearing a crown doesn’t mean that you must look very formal. If you are not interested in an updo, the hair down idea is also very good. It is also a solution if your hair is short but still wants to look glamorous on the special day. Almost similar to the idea mentioned above, you can choose whether the hair will be sleek and straight or curly. For a more formal situation, of course, a curly hairstyle is a good idea. But if the wedding celebration itself brings out an atmosphere that is simpler with only a few guests, maintaining your natural hair type is not bad. Then, the crown applied should be simple design as well.

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Flower Crown Idea

Hairstyle with Crown

Despite the royal crown idea, you can try another one; it is a crown that is made from flowers. If you prefer the real flowers, the crown must be made in sudden before the application. Of course, it is to avoid the flowers being weathered before the event is over. For this idea, you must pay more particularly if the flowers themselves are quite rare to find around. Meanwhile, the artificial flower for the hairstyle with crown must be considered as well. It is more durable and you can even save it to perpetuate this special moment.

The flower crown idea is very flexible to be applied alongside any type of wedding hairstyle. So, whether you want to fall your hair down, make an updo, make a ponytail, or whatever, applying the flower crown together with them never goes wrong anyway.

Braided Crown Idea

How is about creating a crown using your own hair? It is possible for sure. You must have seen the braided hair that is turned around the head. Well, it can be categorized as a crown as well anyway. There are some ideas to make the braided hair is more beautiful. The hair can be arranged together with flowers or hairpieces. Those hair ornaments should be in similar colors with the dresses or shoes.

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The braided crown can also be applied together with various hairstyle types. For a simpler look, the hair down idea looks the best. Meanwhile, for a more formal situation, you can choose the updo. Braided hairstyle is stunning also for an outdoor party. So, are you interested to apply this idea of hairstyle with crown?

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