Healing hyperthyroidism naturally

By | March 20, 2020
Healing hyperthyroidism naturally

Hypo-thyroid-ism. From the word itself, we can get the conclusion that hypothyroidism is caused by lack of Thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is essential hormone on the neck in order to control energy inside the human body.

The significant symptom of hypothyroidism is increasing size on neck. The impacts of this disease are various such as sleeping disruption, constipation, and else. Yet, it can be cured by right diet menus. So, consuming natural foods can vanish hypothyroidism for good.

Healing hyperthyroidism naturally

Healing hyperthyroidism naturally (By CFCF (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

1. Natural Consumable Foods:
  1. SeaweedsDo you know that seaweeds have lots of advantages? According to scientist, seaweeds mostly contain minerals and iodine which are creating thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is creating tyrosine, which is good to heal hypothyroidism.You can get seaweeds on any near market. Seaweeds are famous as nori, wakame, or dulse. If you live in Japan country, you can get seaweeds easily at restaurant especially sushi restaurant. Because seaweeds are used as an ingredient of sushi. The fresher the better for consumption. Without doubt, consuming seaweeds every day can decrease the risk of hypothyroidism.
  2. Brazilian NutsBrazilian nuts are the best choice to cure hypothyroidism. Brazilian nuts contain selenium, which has magnificent antioxidant. Antioxidant can be the best solution to vanish hypothyroidism or other diseases. The act of antioxidant is very essential for the body.Besides, selenium can create thyroid hormone on the body. To be exact, T3 (Triiodothyronine) needs selenium to control and build thyroid hormone. And selenium is contained in Brazilian nuts. So, Brazilian nuts have to be on the diet menus.
  3. SpinachPeople who get hypothyroidism usually also lack of iron. And the solution to cure hypothyroidism is consuming foods which contain iron. What are those foods? One of the food which can be easily got is spinach.
    Spinach contains iron, A vitamin, magnesium, and else. It also has other advantages such as decreasing the risk of cancer, increasing eyesight, decreasing risk of heart disease, avoiding diabetes, and else. So, it is better for adding spinach as one of diet menus.
  4. FishFish is contained Omega-3 as essential nutrition for the body. For short, the act of Omega-3 is controlling the mechanism of thyroid hormone. Omega-3 is also increasing the function of thyroid hormone.The best choice of fish is salmon, because salmon contain much omega-3. Salmon is kind of unique fish because can live both salt and fresh water. Salmon is born on fresh water, then it migrates into the sea. Afterwards, when the time of reproduction is coming, it comes back into fresh water.There are other advantages of consuming Salmon such as increasing metabolism, avoiding a heart attack, increasing the ability of eyesight, increasing brain and memory function, avoiding a stroke, decreasing risk of cancer, and else. So, the best option for the fish is Salmon.
  5. Coconut OilFor the oil, it is best to choose coconut oil to fry the fish. Why it has to be coconut oil? Because coconut oil can increase metabolism. It is also very helpful to lose weight. Commonly, people who were diagnosed with hypothyroidism is advised by doctors to consume coconut oil.On the other hand, coconut oil also has a lot of benefit such as avoiding a heart attack, increasing immune system, gaining energy, decreasing the risk of Alzheimer, and else. However, consuming coconut oil as diet menus will become a wise choice for people who want to cure hypothyroidism.
  6. StrawberryFor fruits-family, strawberry is the popular fruit among all fruits. It is because the delicious taste and beautiful shape. Strawberry contains A, B, and C vitamins, iron, antioxidant, and magnesium which are good for health. Especially antioxidant and iron on strawberry are helpful to cure hypothyroidism.

2. Conclusion

As the information, people who suffer from hypothyroidism also have to exercise every day at least one hour per day. Besides the benefit to lose weight, it also becomes the best solution to make the list above reacting optimally to cure hypothyroidism.

The combinations of consumable foods above can become various depended on dieters. My suggestions are using strawberries as an appetizer and coconut oil, plus salmon and spinach as a main dish. And for the dessert, people who suffer from hypothyroidism can use Brazilian nuts and seaweeds. Yet, if there are further symptoms of hypothyroidism, I suggest to consult to the doctor.

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