Health effects of eating too much meat

By | August 23, 2018
Health effects of eating too much meat

Health effects of eating too much meat – The temptation of eating meat is difficult to avoid because the food is made from meat does taste better. It should be noted, however, eating too much meat can bring problems in the body. Because, the meat is a source of food that is high in protein and high in fat. This high fat and protein content we need to beware of when eating meat. A grown man need 60 to 62 grams of protein per day, while older females need 55 to 57 grams of protein a day.

So it’s good that we restrict meat consumption should not exceed our daily nutritional needs. Because, consuming too much meat can cause a variety of problems in our bodies. (Read also: How much meat should you eat per day). Here are the Health effects of eating too much meat.

Health effects of eating too much meat

  • Dehydration

According to research from the University of Connecticut, consuming too much meat can cause dehydration due to high protein cause kidney produce urine more concentrated. Dehydration can cause skin to become dry, increased appetite, and ease body limp. In addition, dehydration may also cause a headache. Read also: Foods to avoid for kidney health.

  • Body odor

The study, published in the journal Chemical Senses shows that people who do not eat meat have body odor better than people who eat too much meat.

  • Constipation

According to dietician, Jenn LaVardera, eating too much meat can cause constipation because meat has no fiber that can help digestives. Therefore, to prevent constipation after much eating of meat, combine your meat dishes with lots of veggies and eat fruit after eating the meat.

  • Deteriorating eyesight

The saturated fat in meat can be a danger to small blood vessels in the eye so that it can increase the risk of damage to the vision.

  • Weak bones

Consuming too much protein can cause loss of calcium, which is important for bone strength. Therefore, when consuming meat in great numbers, then the intake of calcium should also note.

  • Dizzy and tired fast

Nutritionist Carrie Gabriel says that meat is hard to digest and the body will require a large effort to digest meat. Therefore, when consuming too much meat, the body will quickly feel tired and dizzy.

  • The smell of the mouth

When consuming too much protein and less carbohydrates, the body releases substances called ketones that become the source of energy for the body. Ketones can be detached through breath and causes mouth be smelling unpleasant.

  • Digestive problems

The human digestive organs keep a variety of bacteria that are essential for the body. These bacteria may require various nutrients such as complex carbohydrates and fiber from vegetables, fruits, and seeds. When consuming too much meat that usually contain high protein but low in fiber, then digestion will be problematic because bacteria in the stomach that is not getting enough of the fiber’s nutrients.

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