Health in the USA: Tips for the Travelers

By | March 1, 2016
Health in USA

Most people who want to get a better job think about the USA for their next journey. Most travelers also target the USA to visit for spending their holiday. As a host country, the USA is told having an excellent health care. Health in the USA is cheap if you have an appropriate insurance. That is to say, you need to have travel health insurance if you haven’t got the regular policy which is unable to cover abroad. You need to pack any medications in their original containers with the detailed labels. Also contact your physician to sign a dated letter which describes the whole medications you have as well as their conditions. The information might include the generic names and the expired dates. Before you go abroad, make sure your insurance will make payments straight to the providers or reimburse your medication after you finished traveling. Another alternative is you may find a plan B which means you need to have supplemental insurance rather than the primary one.

Health in USA

Health in USA

Health in the USA provides a medical emergency which enables you to get the best service at the nearby hospital. It also eases you when you enter the emergency room. If you do not have serious case, you might only call a nearby hospital and ask for a recommendation to call a local physician. By calling the physician you will get cheaper cost than to go to the emergency room. Emergency room is convenient for the profit urgent care, but it might include lots of expensive tests, even for minor illness.

In the USA, you will get abundant supply of pharmacies, however; for some medications which are available over your home country such as Ventolin for asthma need some prescription in the USA. To have this you need more shocking budget if your home insurance do not cover the cost of the prescriptions. Health care in the USA also have some recommended items for a medical kit. You can check as follows:

  • Antihistamines which is used for allergic reactions and hay fever
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen
  • Acetaminophen such as Aspirin or Tylenol
  • Antibacterial ointment such as Bactroban which is used for abrasions and cuts
  • Insect repellent which is rubbed on your skin
  • Gauze rolls, gauze and bandages
  • Sunblock

All of the information above about health in the USA has been confirmed by the World Health Organization. For the further details you may find its superb book entitles International Travel Health. This book is revised every year for the travelers need. Don’t forget to consult your government’s travel health before you go abroad.

Based on the statistics, the USA sits on the highest 20 rank for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries for health care expenditure, however; it is the last rank for the insurance coverage. Even more, life expectancy at birth in the USA is poorer than the other OECD countries. A survey unfolded that the older people in 11 countries in the USA are more suffered than their counterparts abroad. They also have problem in paying their medical bills and getting treated well in health care center.

To respond all of those issues, health cares in the USA conducts some considerable work to improve the quality of their service and medications. Hopefully it will be realized soon for people there to get the better health in the USA

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