Health Insurance for Low Income Individuals
Health Insurance for Low Income Individuals (Image: Flickr)

Health Insurance for Low Income Individuals

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Health Insurance is very important for every person. Talking about it, how about you? Have you joint for it? It becomes the problem especially for low-income individual to find the right insurance so they can pay the cost monthly easily with the cheap cost.

Health Insurance for Low Income Individuals
Health Insurance for Low Income Individuals (Image: Flickr)

In the US, there are some people that live without health plans because the financial reason. Yes, the people with the low income don’t find the right place to follow the health insurance with the low premium insurance.

In this good chance, you will know the best sources to find the right place of health plans for low-income people:

The first one is COBRA. This is the right place for you if you are out of the job. Here, you can still follow the insurance by continuing the previous health insurance where the company you work.

The second one, you can choose the worker’s compensation. In this place, you can get the compensation if you get the injured when you are working. This is suitable for you if you have the job with many risks.

Then, you can consider about the Medicaid. This is very suitable for people with low income. The interesting news for it is Medicaid will pay the cost of the healthcare if you can’t pay it. It comes with the aim for helping the low-income people, the disabled and the old people so they can get the health care plans.

The next one, there is Medicare. It is from the government. You can register yourself if you don’t have the job or you may have it, but the income is low. Actually, Medicare concerns to people that are more than 60 years old.

There is also another choice for you. This is short term health insurance coverage. People with low income are suitable with it. It is like the individual insurance. But, the premium is lower. This is the best option for you that have the planning to follow the health care for the short period.

Then, another good option is Group Health Insurance. You may become the member of one of the groups.

Then, you can apply the group insurance for your group. This type is suitable for people with low income because the cost will be scattered among the members. Of course, the benefits of it will be not as good as the individual health insurance. However, at least, you have something for health care plans.

Those are some options about the health insurance for low-income people. You can consider choosing one of them to get the good health care.

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