12 Easy Ways How To Make Healthy Lungs

By | April 7, 2020
Healthy lungs

The lungs are one of the organs that serves as a human respiratory apparatus. Its vital function makes us strive to keep the healthy lungs. However, the bad habits we often do turn out to make the lungs slowly damaged, such as smo**king.

The smoke produced from cigarettes has proved to be very harmful to the health of the lungs. Not only harmful to active smo**kers, but also for passive smo**kers who indirectly participated in the cigarette smoke.

In order to neutralize the lungs from cigarette smoke, here is a cost-effective and economical way to make the healthy lungs.

Easy Ways How to make healthy lungs

No Smoking

Smo**king is one of the most impactful lifestyles of your lungs’ health. It is because in this cigarette smoke contained 400 hazardous chemical compounds and about more than 50 of these harmful compounds are capable of causing deadly cancer in your body.

These smo**king habits or lifestyles will cause you to be exposed to diseases such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and much more. Therefore, you are not allowed to smo**ke and if you have been trapped in cigarettes, you should stop for the health of your lungs and body later.

Avoiding foods that are not good for lung health

There are some foods that you should avoid because it is not good for your lung health. One of them is food and drink that are cold because the lungs have a tissue that is very sensitive or sensitive to temperature which is able to cause blood clotting.

In addition, you should also avoid foods that cause mucus in the lungs. These foods are foods that contain many sugars such as sweets and chocolate. The mucus produced by these foods will be able to cause chronic lung disease that is very dangerous.

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Wash your hands with soap and water.

The estimated hand can spread 80 percent of infectious respiratory diseases such as colds, flu, and COVID-19. The risk of virus and bacterial infection can be avoided by washing every hand before eating, after eating and after urination.

Avoid air pollution and maintain air hygiene.

Air pollution indoors and outdoors can cause health problems, especially for someone who has lung disease. Air pollution can irritate or destroy lung tissue. Even air pollution at a low level can cause problems for health. Some things you can do to keep your air condition clean:

An outdoor environment

  • Do not leave the engine running when not in use.
  • Do not use pesticides and other chemicals in the yard and garden.
  • Using public transportation.

Indoor environment

  • Maintain moisture in the house by using exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen for air circulation.
  • Periodically cleaning household appliances.
  • Keep the floor clean, bathroom and kitchen.
  • Keep the sofa, mattress and pillows clean from dust.
  • Keep the air circulation in the room.

Breathe deeply

Try occasional deep breathing exercises.

Deep breathing can help cleanse the lungs and completely replace oxygen.

Researchers found that there was an increased vital capacity for the participants who were breathing within 2 and 5 minutes. The vital capacity is the maximum amount of air we breathe from the lungs.

Hence, according to researchers, deep breathing is beneficial for lung function.

The breath that is in its origin from the diaphragm in the stomach. We can breathing exercise in by looking up the ups and downs of our stomach.

Try sitting quietly, then breathing from the nose slowly. When taking your breath, you can count 1 to 4 and while exhale you can count 1 to 8.

In addition to being beneficial to the lungs, deep breathing exercises can help us more relaxed and reduce stress.

7 Other ways:

How To Make Healthy Lungs
  • Consume soy beans
  • Drinking green tea before bedtime.
  • Consumption of ginger every day.
  • Adding Selenium in food.
  • Increase in drinking water.
  • Consuming carrot juice regularly
  • Regular exercise.

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