11 Ways How To Get Back Your Healthy Shiny Hair FAST

By | March 10, 2020
Get Back Your Healthy And Shinning Hair

Having a black healthy shiny hair is the dream of many people. Various ways are done by people to be able to discolor the hair to make it look charming. One of them is by dyeing hair.

However, dyeing the hair in the long run will make the hair unhealthy and quickly damaged. This is because the chemical substances contained in the hair dye used for a long time.

To will a sparkling hair, of course, be a go and spend a budget to care for it. For that, there is a solution that you can use that is using natural ingredients in your home that is cheap and easy to obtain.

Here are the natural ways to make black healthy shiny hair.

How To Get Back Your Healthy Shiny Hair

Here are the tips How To Get Back Your Healthy Shiny Hair:

Scalp treatment

How to take care of hair to be healthy, beautiful and shiny can be started by not forgetting the health of the scalp. Why? Because the hair roots are embedded under the scalp.

According to the hair and scalp care expert, hair follicles are affected by the health and blood supply of the surrounding skin tissues. So, arguably if the scalp is the key to healthy hair.

Don’t forget to washing your hair with shampoo every two or three days, and scalp massage for 30 seconds.

Massaging the scalp is able to improve blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles to produce thicker and shinier hair. In addition, apply olive oil or vitamin E in the scalp. And protect your scalp and hair from harmful ultraviolet rays using a hat.

Head massage with hair oil

The next ways to get back your healthy shiny hair is head massage.

These remedies happen to be practiced within the Indian subcontinent for 1000’s of years. They don’t really make our hair healthy and delightful, but additionally release stress, which provides for us a glance youthful and more youthful.

Major advantages of choosing hair oils and getting a scalp message are rising in strength of the roots of hairs because of the advance of bloodstream circulation underneath the scalp and natural deep conditioning for very dry hair. It’s also a great stress reliever and provides a feeling of mental wellness.

By doing regular massage around the bald regions of head, new hair will grow inevitably. You will find various hair oils employed in massage of skin and the body on the massive. A few of the popular oils are Essential olive oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Mustard oil and Sesame oil.

Jojoba oil, this oil will not only help to moisturize and heal the affected head areas, but additionally increase hair regrowth and safeguard the scalp from dry skin along with other hair thinning problems. (Read also How to prevent hair loss?)

A hair expert can provide you with an effective hair loss solution by telling the best oil for the hair having a schedule for doing things correctly.

Choose a product that suits your hair type.

You have to know what kind of hair you have. Whether it’s dry or oily, you have to adjust it with shampoos and conditioners that you’ll use. Using a shampoo that fits your hair will help repair damage to the hair such as hair loss, fracture, also branching.

Using Natural hair Masks

By using natural hair masks, it will reduce the risk of side effects from using the product. Many natural ingredients we can use, such as avocado masks, eggs, fruits or Aloe Vera.

To get natural black hair and keep the scalp from dandruff, we can use a hair mask from Aloe Vera.

Take the gel of Aaloe Vera, and apply it to the entire hair and scalp. Let stand for more than 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Use an egg-based hair mask

Get Back Your Healthy Shiny Hair

This may sound strange, but the egg works miraculously on the hair. Egg yolks keep hair from looking dull. Egg whites Cleanse the hair by helping to remove buildup on the hair. The result is a hair that looks very shiny after only one use. 

Combine lemon juice with a conditioner

Lemon juice can brighten the hair, but it can also be dangerous. Lemon is very sour, so it can burn hair.

The best way to use lemon is by mixing it with conditioner and coconut oil. This mixture can not only repair damage, but also hydrate hair.

Moisten the hair with vinegar

Moisten the hair with vinegar after using the shampoo and let stand a few minutes before rinsing it. Your hair will look more shiny than before.

Use cider vinegar.

Cider vinegar is an instant natural hair conditioner and a hair shine booster. Cider vinegar Balances The pH level of the hair, clears the strands and makes the hair feel soft. Once the hair is dry, the hair will no longer smell of vinegar.

Follow these steps to make an apple cider vinegar treatment:

  • Shampoo the hair as usual, but miss the conditioner.
  • Pour the mixture 1 tablespoon cider vinegar and water 1 tablespoon over the head.
  • Comb up to the ends of the hair.
  • Leave for five minutes, then rinse the hair with cold water at the end of the bath.

Shampooing with cold water

Get Back Your Healthy Shiny Hair by shampooing with cold water

Many debates about preferably shampooing done with cold water or warm water. But the fact proves that shampooing with cold water can prevent hair loss.

Cold water is able to make blood circulation smooth, maintaining the root power of hair, and also beneficial to keep the hair shiny and soft.

Avoid shampooing with warm water

Avoid washing your hair with warm water that tends to be hot. Washing your hair with warm or hot water can make your hair dry due to the loss of natural oils that serve as hair protectors. Choose water with a normal temperature or warm water with temperatures below your body temperature.

How to deal with damaged hair?

How to improve the strength and health of damaged hair to make it look more glowing are:

  • When the hair is still wet after bathing, apply conditioners to areas that appear to be damaged
  • Invest by purchasing hair care products (quality deep conditioning), which you can apply once a week
  • If your hair is curly and you often straighten it with a vise. You can still make use of the wood vise and blow drayer. Although it seems that blow dryer or hair straightener can cause damage to the hair, but when used properly, both objects can be profitable.

    According to a hair health expert, Labrecque, he released one important secret regarding the use of the blow dryer, in fact, our hair still needs heat to facilitate the cuticle. In this case, blow dryer can be utilized for this purpose.

    How to use: Setting blow dryer in high setting, then use hair clamp while applying frizz-taming serum for curly hair to be straight.

  • Another way to make your hair more straight and beautiful is, add a spritz hairspray to the hair brush before using it to bind the hair. Spritz hairspray is very beneficial to keep hair straight longer.

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Thank you for reading How To Get Back Your Healthy Shiny Hair, hope this information useful for you.

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